January 31, 2023

VEEKAM Official Trailer | Sagar | Dhyan Sreenivasan | Sheelu Abraham | Jagadish Theviraltime

VEEKAM Official Trailer | Sagar | Dhyan Sreenivasan | Sheelu Abraham | Jagadish

Presenting The Official Trailer Of VEEKAM Directed by Sagar.

Written&Directed By: Sagar
Produced By: Sheelu Abraham & Abraham Mathew
DOP: Dhanesh.R
Editor: Harish
Trailer Cut: Don max
Final mixing: Ajith A George
DI Editor : Hisham Yoosuf PV
DI Colorist : Joji parakkal
DI Studio : South Studios
Vfx : playcart

#VeekamOfficialTrailer #VeekamMovie #dhyansreenivasan

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