February 6, 2023

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu Theviraltime

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by
EuropaCorp Distribution

Production companies
EuropaCorp[2] TF1 Films Production
Fundamental Films
BNP Paribas
Orange Studio
Novo Pictures
River Road Entertainment
Belga Films Fund

Directed by
Luc Besson

Screenplay by
Luc Besson

Based on Valérian and Laureline by Pierre Christin Jean-Claude Mézières

Produced by
Virginie Besson-Silla

Thierry Arbogast

Edited by
Julien Rey

Music by
Alexandre Desplat

In the 28th century, due to cooperation between the Earth and extraterrestrial peoples, the former International Space Station has been expanded until its mass threatens to cause gravitational disruption to Earth itself. Relocated to deep space, it becomes Alpha, a space-traveling city inhabited by millions of species from thousands of planets. A police division is created by the United Human Federation to preserve peace throughout the galaxy. Among its staff are the arrogant Major Valerian and his partner, no-nonsense Sergeant Laureline. En route to a mission, Valerian dreams of a planet, Mül, where a low-tech humanoid race lives peacefully. They fish for pearls containing enormous amounts of energy, and use animals to replicate them. Wreckage begins plummeting from the sky, followed by a huge spacecraft that causes an explosion annihilating every being on the planet. Some of the inhabitants enter a discarded vessel, accidentally trapping themselves inside, but the planet’s princess Lihö-Minaa is stranded outside. Just before her death, she conveys a telepathic message. Valerian and Laureline venture further into the irradiated area, discover it is not dangerous, and that it contains the remains of some antique spacecraft. They reach a large shielded hall where they find the humanoids, known as the Pearls, with an unconscious Filitt. The Pearls’ leader, Emperor Haban Limaï, explains that his people lived peacefully on Mül until a battle occurred between the Federation and another faction. Filitt, the human commander, ordered the use of fusion missiles that disabled the enemy mothership and sent it crashing into the planet, annihilating Mül. Upon her passing, Princess Lihö-Minaa transferred her soul into Valerian’s body. When the surviving Pearls were trapped in a downed space vehicle from the battle, they managed to repair it and learned the humans’ technology and history. They eventually came to Alpha, where they assimilated more knowledge and built a ship of their own. They needed the converter and pearl in order to launch their ship and find a planet to recreate their homeworld. Filitt admits his role in the genocide, but argues it was necessary to end the war—as was the coverup, to prevent humans from losing their credibility and influence in Alpha. Valerian and Laureline disagree, arguing that the commander is trying to avoid the consequences of his actions. When Filitt becomes belligerent, Valerian knocks him out. Valerian hands over the pearl he took from Igon, and Laureline persuades him to return the converter. While the Pearls prepare their spacecraft for takeoff, Filitt’s K-Tron robot soldiers attack the Pearls and the government soldiers sent to assist Valerian, but are ultimately defeated. The spacecraft departs and Filitt is arrested. Valerian and Laureline are left adrift aboard an Apollo Command/Service Module, and Laureline answers Valerian’s marriage proposal with a “maybe” as they wait for rescue.

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