February 6, 2023

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V for Vendetta Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by
Warner Bros. Pictures

Production companies
Silver Pictures
Virtual Studios
Studio Babelsberg
DC Vertigo Comics
Anarchos Productions, Inc.

Directed by
James McTeigue

Screenplay by
The Wachowskis

Based on V for Vendetta by Alan Moore, David Lloyd, and Tony Weare

Produced by
Joel Silver
Grant Hill
The Wachowskis

Natalie Portman
Hugo Weaving
Stephen Rea
Stephen Fry
John Hurt

Adrian Biddle

Edited by
Martin Walsh

Music by
Dario Marianelli

In the near future, Britain is ruled by the Norsefire political party, a fascist and authoritarian regime led by High Chancellor Adam Sutler, which controls the populace through propaganda, and imprisons or executes those deemed undesirable, including immigrants, homosexuals, and people of alternative religions. Evey Hammond is the daughter of activists who died in prison and her brother was killed in the St Mary’s school terrorist attack fourteen years earlier. One evening a Guy Fawkes masked vigilante, “V”, rescues her from assault by the secret police and has her witness as his bombs destroy the Old Bailey. On November 5, V hijacks the state-run television network to address the nation, claiming credit for the attack and encouraging the populace to resist Norsefire by joining him outside the Houses of Parliament on Guy Fawkes Night in one year’s time. Evey is knocked unconscious aiding V’s escape and he takes her with him to avoid her arrest and likely execution. V kills Norsefire propagandist Lewis Prothero, Dr. Delia Surridge, and, with Evey’s assistance, Anthony Lilliman the Bishop of London. Evey flees after betraying V, hoping to be forgiven by Norsefire. Assigned to capture V, Chief Inspector Eric Finch uses Surridge’s journal and information from former covert operative, William Rockwood (actually V in disguise), to learn that, two decades earlier, Surridge led biological weapon research and human experimentation at the Larkhill Detention Facility on behalf of Norsefire, creating the “St Mary’s Virus”. Although dozens of political prisoners died during experimentation, an amnesiac in cell “V” developed mutated immunities and disfigurements as well as physical enhancements and eventually destroyed Larkhill during his escape. Peter Creedy, head of the secret police, faked a terrorist attack by releasing the virus at targets including St. Mary’s, and used the resulting public fear to embed Norsefire in power, while the company manufacturing the cure enriched party members such as Prothero and Lilliman. Evey takes shelter with her former boss, talkshow host Gordon Dietrich, who shares with her his collection of illegal materials such as subversive paintings, an antique Quran, and homoerotic photographs. Emboldened by Evey and V, he satirizes Sutler on his show, leading to his execution and Evey’s arrest. She takes solace in a note hidden in her cell written by Valerie Page, a woman imprisoned in the cell next to V, detailing her hopes despite her impending death. Tortured and facing her own execution, Evey refuses to submit to her captors and is released, finding herself in V’s lair. V had intercepted Evey before Creedy’s men and subjected her to false imprisonment so she could learn to live without fear. Although initially angry at V, Evey realizes that he has been avenging Valerie and the other Larkhill victims, and promises to return to see him before November 5. To kill the otherwise unreachable High Chancellor, V convinces Creedy to kill Sutler and take his place in exchange for V’s surrender. On November 5, V has hundreds of thousands of Guy Fawkes masks distributed across the nation, leading to a rise in masked, anonymous chaos and eventually riots after the secret police kill a young masked girl. V shares a dance with Evey before leading her to the shuttered London underground he restored over the previous decade. Not intending to survive the night, V bequeaths the decision to start the explosive-filled train to Evey. Although she pleads that he abandon his crusade and leave with her, he refuses. Creedy meets V and executes Sutler before demanding V unmask, but, in spite of being shot and badly injured, he kills Creedy and his men, stating that the idea he represents is more important than his identity. V returns to Evey, dying in her arms after admitting he loves her, and Finch finds her placing V’s body aboard the train, but allows her to start it after she affirms that the people need hope. With Sutler and Creedy dead, the military forces in London stand down as countless citizens dressed as V descend on Parliament and witness its destruction. Finch asks for V’s true identity, to which Evey replies that “he was all of us”.

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