USA Ke Shehro Me Desi Maa Ko American Khaana Khilana..

2021-04-19 13:30:10
#USA #Shehro #Desi #Maa #American #Khaana #Khilana #Theiraltime
USA Ke Shehro Me Desi Maa Ko American Khaana Khilana..

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usa vlog

usa vlog


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  • Siddhartha Dutta ^( says:

    Brother 2nd vedio kad release karoge …joh kal promise kiya tha


    My grandfather has passed away
    Please🙏 pray for him 🙏🙏🙏

  • Chetanya Saini ^( says:

    Vlogs mai maza ni aara ab🥺 Video is very slow

  • aebhi kaintura ^( says:

    दाल फुलका मिल जाये😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Aman Rathore 423 ^( says:

    Mohit Bhaiya I think you should Include Food in your vlogs…. it'll be god tier cravings

  • Ritu Kochar ^( says:

    In Chicago there are lots of Indian restaurants with good taste…one full Indian market is also there do go there

  • VirkSaab California ^( says:

    Bro Huntington Lake jarur jana California vich beautiful hai 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸from California

  • Shastry Family ^( says:

    CRITICAL OBSERVATION: Video movements in thus episode were too quick than your other videos, making audience dizzy. Did you get a new stabilizer?

  • awesome 👏 i ❤️👍👌👌👌❤️❤️

  • See and learn ^( says:

    Now in this season new york,new jersy etc cities temperature 22-23 degree but now in Chicago 1 degree

  • Muhammad Shahid ^( says:

    Mom g i love u

  • Ravi Singh ^( says:

    Include experiences, history, art, architecture, food, amusement, tech, countryside, nature everything a lot of variety

  • Abishai peter ^( says:

    Ek number music selection baba

  • Peace James ^( says:

    You are behaving very silly these days ….you shouldn’t have brought your mum on this honeymoon kind of trip…you seem over excited since you found Sandra ….

  • abhishek dutt ^( says:

    Bhai main khana kha raha tha jb aap bole

  • Fun Videos ^( says:

    broo don’t listen to these people saying go to devon that place is a stinkiest place in whole chicago go to patel brothers near naperville they have everything in that plaza

  • Shivam Yadav ^( says:

    When Mataji laugh it makes the video worth…..amazing….supermom

  • Paji thoda sandra ko bhi importance de do videos mein

  • Lokesh Saklani ^( says:

    One like and comment for aunty ji…👍👍

  • YASEEN SAMID Vlogs ^( says:


  • YASEEN SAMID Vlogs ^( says:

    Wow …

  • Omer Rauf ^( says:

    Superb video quality.

  • HEERA SINGH ^( says:

    Loveliest person mami ji in td family ❤️ big fan of your work sir love from punjab ❤️

  • Malik Malik ^( says:

    Use background music sidhu moosewala

  • shreedhar s ^( says:

    U didn't show Sandra having food, is she private person or u ignoring her..