Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

2019-07-19 15:02:10
#Top #Funniest #Press #Conferences #Theiraltime
Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

Gentlemen, a short view back to the past…

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  • FORMULA 1 ^( says:

    Which was your favourite moment? Let us know if you think there are any we should've included 😂

  • Chris Morrison ^( says:

    I feel sorry for hamiltion, he thinks he is part of the gang, part of the F1 community…. Just about everyone thinks he is a idiot, and doesn’t want anyone to do with him !!

  • ekipafond ^( says:

    6:00 ^( poor lando trying not to laugh and sees the huge smile of ricciardo… No one could have resisted

  • George ^( says:

    5 Years left, Hamilton

  • Danillo Mendes ^( says:

    pqp não entendo oq eles fala e muito menos a legenda, e não sei pq vejo o vídeo ate o fim.

  • Someone should make a petition to get long question guy casting races.

  • Karben Feibar ^( says:

    I’ve seen things in my hallucinations that haunt me. A guy in a hockey mask with a chainsaw, a Mexican mother with a sandal, a drunken father with a belt, but there’s one thing that really gets me…

    Mika Hakkinen with a jug of water

  • JoeDaddy4321 ^( says:

    8:17 ^( Lewis' expression when the journalist says monkey.

  • JoeDaddy4321 ^( says:

    Love Ricciardo

  • Duván Andrés Solis Arrieta ^( says:

    3:05 ^( "Everything changed when the water nation attacked"

  • Ram Anandan ^( says:

    Yo 2021 now Lewis has 5 years left

  • Sky Line ^( says:

    Alonso ist der beste

  • BRUNDOODO ^( says:

    ‘Gentlemen a short view back to the past’

  • melope ^( says:

    This video wouldn't exist without Daniel

  • What Ever ^( says:

    Vettel is honestly hilarious. “The torpedo” 😂😂😂

  • Diamond Paintings ^( says:

    Can I keep the beer ?

  • Eric the Red ^( says:

    I am now 69 and have the intention to buy and read it. I hope I will still have the chance in my life.
    Lewis's inner monologue: His ghost is going to haunt me because it's never getting done in his lifetime.

  • SirBak3d ^( says:

    Now only 7 years

  • Kliqs ^( says:

    I'm still angry they called Imola San Marino. SAN MARINO IS A WHOLE OTHER NATION THAT ITALY MY DUDES.

  • Herbert Daniel ^( says:

    0:47 ^( When you realize you've been stabbed in the back but still trying to dodge the facts even after you've realized what's happened

  • Chuong sullivan-kemple ^( says:

    6:17 ^( is he frickin high?

  • Akash Nag ^( says:

    Man the Italians english is like a person with stammer.

  • BigManDan 19 ^( says:

    1:44 ^( he just had to be 69 now didn’t he

  • Dayme Zabala ^( says:

    Juan, one, Juan, Juan , one , Juan, one, one….

  • Leonardo Gabriel ^( says:

    Kimi smiling

  • Hamza RT ^( says:

    This guy is the real definition of " Don't take life seriously" 😂


    Number 3 is the best !!!

  • Simarino97 ^( says:

    5:15 ^( A perfect template for * visible confusion * 😂

  • Ryditon ^( says:

    ´´Less buttons or more buttons?´´
    All I want is Jenson Button