Top 10 Facts – Rick and Morty

2015-10-10 20:47:29
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Top 10 Facts – Rick and Morty

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rick and morty


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  • Roy Piper ^( says:

    I've never watched Rick and Morty. But I solved the code for the guy with the suspenders in about two seconds, being an armchair football historian. The numbers on the football on his shirt… those are Super Bowls. Super Bowls are listed using Roman Numerals. Super Bowls 18, 3 and 5 all have on thing in common… they were held in Florida. Next!

  • badreedine Djellali ^( says:

    oh shit you right the look very similar Rick looks more samiler to the doc

  • David Luise ^( says:

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  • XSasuSX 99 ^( says:

    did you mean gravity falls 3:01 ^(

  • MasterFace222 ^( says:

    Galaxy Falls is a great show.

  • Chris*On*Acid ^( says:

    2:54 ^(, it does mean something, the same character is showing up in gravity falls with roman numbers on it. The word was supposed to be "confidence" but they quit midway through of making it, Alex Hirsch and Justin Roiland explained this in a podcast…

  • Sownheard ^( says:

    its already over 5 years :O im old

  • Carter Rissman ^( says:

    3:02 ^( galaxy falls smh… im not dissapointed in him, im dissapointed in myself about how much of a geek i am over this stuff. there will never be enough videos to explain every joke and reference in rick and morty

  • Ban Ban ^( says:

    No new top ten facts eventhough two seasons already released since this video?

  • La Cai ^( says:

    The amount of detail is amazing in R&M, same as ya pointed out that the house has the cracks, but i bet they want to keep the cracks, so if they are in parallel universe you can "see" it

  • Daniel Bojidarov ^( says:

    Naaa it's mordekay and rigby

  • Erik Neuschwendtner ^( says:

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  • Sawcon Deeznuts ^( says:

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  • wrecked funtimefoxy ^( says:

    hey what about the episode when it starts off with summer, rick and morty in a mad max eviroment and summer goes full on savage on a few people and kills idk a few and they live in a mad max eviroment while rick was trying to steal something

  • Chunky Jason Plays ^( says:

    Big Brain

  • Mahdi ^( says:

    4:10 ^( he got schwifty…just let it happen son….

  • Elva White ^( says:

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  • GlitchyPixel ^( says:

    3:00 ^( Galaxy Falls? Hmmmmm…

  • james hernandrez ^( says:

    "Suppose to air in cartoon network"

    4:51 ^(

  • Dox Shift ^( says:

    I remember his name as Crumple Crumplestain? Parallel universe Mandela effect!

  • Cornelia Chukes ^( says:

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  • Catherine Harris ^( says:

    The bast cartoon ever! Along with family guy👍👍👍👍👍

  • olgierd ogden ^( says:

    I prefer none human music just like?$1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000?

  • Darxus Outside ^( says:

    I just watched Zardoz because of this video. I liked it.

  • Prince Geminite ^( says:

    Those Gravity Falls Easter eggs are neat and The idea that time is passing with small details like the aforementioned crack in the pavement and hole in the roof is just great.

  • Broderick Carter ^( says:

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  • Cody Caldera ^( says:

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  • fidel Ggg ^( says:

    Im came from the future . Evero one listen up its very important your lives are in danger. Go and watch the very first episode of rick and morty rick travels to the future. He does do time travel. We need more people to believe in tgis soon they will take out the episode and it will be lost forever. We are going through war because not enough humans believe this episode exits please save my future we need more witnesses

  • SharKr ^( says:

    The snake episode had time travel 🤭

  • Brandy Strachan ^( says:

    the only one i noticed was the one where they all wear seatbelts except rick. im gonna watch the whole series again rn ✌

  • Desal ^( says:

    7.06 I Mean there's clearly the other part of your secret code you fucking boomer.

  • Samiran Baruah ^( says:

    Ah, yes the schwifty.

  • Cameron Field ^( says:

    Im dying and im about 3 years behind when you made this, but i just wanted to say youre obviously a very intelligent person. Youd be snatched up in any version of atlas shrugged. Please venture into more than just youtube videos.

  • dragon beast ^( says:

    Fact 11: Rick is gonna die in the last season

  • Cristopher Saldivar ^( says:

    "There will never be a time travel episode"
    Season 4:
    Hold my beer

  • Evqristo Gabriel ^( says:

    what happen to the talking cat?