January 29, 2023

Titans Season 4 | EPISODE 6 PROMO TRAILER | HBO MAX | titans season 4 episode 6 trailer | Fan Made Theviraltime

Titans Season 4 | EPISODE 6 PROMO TRAILER | HBO MAX | titans season 4 episode 6 trailer | Fan Made

Titans Season 4 | EPISODE 6 PROMO TRAILER | HBO MAX | titans season 4 episode 6 trailer | Fan Made

Take a Look ‘EPISODE 6 PROMO TRAILER’ concept for HBO MAX titans season 4

The fourth season of the American superhero streaming television series Titans premiered on HBO Max on November 3, 2022, and will consist of 12 episodes. It was executive produced by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Walker, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Richard Hatem, with Walker serving as showrunner for the fourth consecutive season. Developed by Goldsman, Johns, and Berlanti, the series is based on the DC Comics team Teen Titans. Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, and Joshua Orpin return to the main cast from the previous season, joined by season 3 guest star Jay Lycurgo and series newcomers Franka Potente and Joseph Morgan.

MUSIC FROM :- https://app.tunetank.com/track/l3QHuiyw/

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► In this Fan-Made Trailer I am exhibiting my CGI skills to create a concept trailer. CGI are created by my self ,The purpose of this Mashup / fan-made / idea trailer video is to show and consider specific or non-existent film ideas, to compile and convert clips from pre-existing products to create a unique view of art and give new meaning. I modified the original work by adding My unique value such as adding high quality editing and special effects to create completely new movie trailers. These are derivative works as defined in the United States Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. § 101, and as a result, may find protection in copyright claims under the doctrine of proper use.

►This is fan-made trailer created by RPS Marvel & Dc Entertainment. It’s not official. It is created for Fans to give them Goosebumps and entertain them Only. I am Video editor and I always try to put my thoughts in the videos. The music I used from Tune tank. A service that provide copyright free music for YouTube video Thank you!

►Just for Entertainment purpose only ! 💖💜

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