Theviraltime | Love And Gratitude For All The Blessings Is The Answer To A Happy State Of Mind #Showbiz
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Theviraltime | Love And Gratitude For All The Blessings Is The Answer To A Happy State Of Mind #Showbiz

Kanika Dhillon has been one of the very few female writers in Bollywood who has attained such popularity. She has never shied away from speaking her heart out and always believed in calling a spade a spade. Today, as the world celebrates World Mental Health Day, Dhillon opens up about how people from showbiz need to maintain proper mental health.

“Yes… it’s a tough industry, with a lot of ups and downs, and public scrutiny, being a part of the industry one is frequently a soft target for agenda-driven trolling – all the negativity eventually will take a toll on mental health if one is not aware of it and constantly making sure to surround themselves with positivity,” begins Dhillon.

“In order to maintain your peace and mental health, one needs to understand that the space where all this negativity comes from is perhaps sadness, compulsion, agenda or some trigger in the other person’s life. It’s their circus. They need to deal with it,” adds Dhillon.

Dhillon goes on to say, “Once you stop taking all this personally and in fact empathise with ones who are wasting their time spewing hate at you, instead of building a wholesome life, it will definitely change your perspective. Once we stop taking the actions, reactions, hate, or negativity coming from any quarter – be it trolls, media or people in general – in our stride and not take it personally – it will free up a lot of mental space to do our own jobs that much better!”

“So whatever the question and how much ever the hate – love and gratitude for all the blessings that one already has – is the answer to a happy state of mind,” concludes Dhillon.

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