February 6, 2023

The Silence of the Lambs Movie Explained In Hindi & Urdu Theviraltime

The Silence of the Lambs Movie Explained In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by
Orion Pictures

Production company
Strong Heart Productions

Directed by
Jonathan Demme

Screenplay by
Ted Tally

Based on
The Silence of the Lambs
by Thomas Harris

Produced by
Kenneth Utt
Edward Saxon
Ron Bozman

Jodie Foster
Anthony Hopkins
Scott Glenn
Ted Levine

Tak Fujimoto

Edited by
Craig McKay

Music by
Howard Shore

In 1990, Clarice Starling is pulled from her FBI training at the Quantico, Virginia FBI Academy by Jack Crawford of the Bureau’s Behavioral Science Unit. He assigns her to interview Hannibal Lecter, a former psychiatrist and incarcerated cannibalistic serial killer. Crawford believes Lecter’s insight could prove useful in the pursuit of a psychopath serial killer nicknamed “Buffalo Bill”, who kills young women and removes their skin from their bodies. At the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Dr. Frederick Chilton makes a crude pass at Starling before he escorts her to Lecter’s cell. Although initially pleasant and courteous, Lecter grows impatient with Starling’s interviewing and rebuffs her. As she is leaving, a prisoner named Miggs flicks semen at her. Lecter, who considers this an “unspeakably ugly” act, calls Starling back and tells her to seek out his old patient. This leads her to a storage facility, where she discovers a jar containing a man’s severed head. She returns to Lecter, who says the man is linked to Buffalo Bill. He offers to profile Buffalo Bill on condition he be transferred away from Chilton, whom he detests. Another Buffalo Bill victim is found with a death’s head moth lodged in her throat. At the house, she meets “Jack Gordon”, but realizes he is Gumb after spotting a death’s head moth flying loose. She pursues him into a cavernous basement and finds Catherine trapped in a dry well. In a dark room, Gumb stalks Starling with night-vision goggles, but reveals himself by cocking his revolver. Starling reacts quickly and shoots Gumb dead. At the FBI Academy graduation party, Starling receives a phone call from Lecter, who is at a Bimini airport. He assures her that he has no intention of pursuing her and requests that she return the favor, which she says she cannot. Lecter subsequently hangs up the phone because he is “having an old friend for dinner”. He trails a newly-arrived Chilton into the crowd.

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