The New Dual-Screen Laptop Powerhouse

2020-07-12 14:54:13
#DualScreen #Laptop #Powerhouse #Theiraltime
The New Dual-Screen Laptop Powerhouse

This dual display laptop gives more screen real estate to gamers, streamers and multitaskers.
Thanks to ASUS for sponsoring this video. Check out the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 here – ^(

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laptop review

laptop review


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  • Unbox Therapy ^( says:

    What would you use the secondary display for?

  • Nate Never ^( says:

    was this shot somewhere completely different to usual?

  • seulgi ^( says:

    Bro the price of that laptop here in philippines is 200.000 Pesos

  • Sadeepa Sithum ^( says:

    How much it is

  • why do ppl still watch this scamartist

  • mohammad reza ^( says:

    can we turn of the keyboard light?

  • Janela skata Puyat ^( says:

    How much is it?
    On philippines how much?

  • Abood nammouara N2o ^( says:

    Give me it as apresent 😂

  • Mohammed Rishal ^( says:

    Pls gift me that laptop 🥺❤️
    Iam ur big fan 🔥❤️

  • Neha Mont ^( says:

    Is this good for graphic design?

  • Immortal Firefly06 ^( says:

    so cool

  • Anthony Ince ^( says:

    How does it run with DJ software

  • Alejandro Galvan ^( says:

    Up in their site they no longer have the i9 they changed to AMD 5900hx, wonder if that's better? Also which model would work better for video editing this model or the Duo Pro?

  • Rajendra Pandey ^( says:

    What is your job a doctor because your channel name jave therapy

  • corruptdecay ^( says:

    I love watching videos of tech I can't afford…

  • Fid TGS ^( says:

    I really want this laptop now

  • Fid TGS ^( says:

    this guy is basically rich

  • Vikash Kumar ^( says:

    What is name of this product

  • Alphons ^( says:

    I watch this video to see the he'll sized studio

  • Maggs ^( says:

    its the color / finish they didn't think about

  • Vitor Ourique ^( says:

    Hi! Perfect. For me? Hehe:-)

  • Willie Lee ^( says:

    Well nice and is only for 4,500$

  • Apichar Jiratanan ^( says:

    Im using the 14" model, i love it last all day

  • Najmal Najimon ^( says:

    My wallet right now: No No No Don't even think about it!😑

  • Danipro19pro ^( says:

    I'm not paying 40000000000 for this

  • Yaa MurtazaCIDCONTROL RUM Yaa murtza ghulam ^( says:

    huda ap ko hush rakhay

  • Harpratap Singh ^( says:

    i dont why but i just hate this guys thumbnail. it always seem like a clickbait🥺

  • Lucky ^( says:

    you need to have ki$n€y plant to get this laptop

  • PRAYASH Nayak ^( says:

    Asus hp dell apple these companies force u to work hard to gain more