The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) – Smarter Every Day 189

2018-02-07 15:00:06
#Incredible #Sounds #Falcon #Heavy #Launch #BINAURAL #AUDIO #IMMERSION #Smarter #Day #Theiraltime
The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) – Smarter Every Day 189

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NOTE: Turns out they screwed up and put the same video feed on both of the bottom quad views. I had being wrong in a Smarter Every Day, but obviously I was trying to get this out. Seriously… I will think about this video error for years.

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  • Govind Somai ^( says:

    Elon Musk cannot make a car with sound, so he created another company spacex just for the sound. Everything should be balanced.

  • Meyaka Brown ^( says:

    Ya it was amazing but this guy acts like he's performing for children. That's why I like Everyday Astronaut.

    And bro, it's was 2 sets of 3 booms, get your ears looked at. 🙄

  • Imperial Pint ^( says:

    Phenomenal photography!!! & sound

  • Magic Potato ^( says:

    I got so into that at the beginning I thought someone was smacking our car

  • Kelly Regan ^( says:

    its sounds like the boosters are saying 1 2 and 3 on the landing

  • per jensen ^( says:

    og lav flaps og disk rundt om raket krop. fx som vist med mus mm. op ad sider med vinkel på lidt. og i bunden af raket. som suger luft med eject. ned af raket og ind i bagtryk på raket op

  • Kenny Crow ^( says:

    it was so nice it blew my headphones =( now i need buy new ones.. but it was worth the view


    something really cool apart from this vids will be if he gets credentials to film what happend yersterday! 🙂

  • Fish_Feet 2468 ^( says:

    Wow, this is so fun to listen to!

  • Bum The Gamer ^( says:

    i heard 6

  • Marc Poisson ^( says:

    Two big HomePod +2 HomePod mini

  • Marc Poisson ^( says:

    It’s incredible the sound with the AirPod max from Apple and by the way with The AirPod max we hear six Bam and you feel The echo But everything was amazing wow I try it on my HomePod at home I got to NPR and I bought two HomePod mini and it blows you away wow thank you very much and by the way I am blind so you make amazing job it make me travel everywhere in the world thank you very much sorry for my English but I am French from Quebec Canada

  • ma man ma homie ^( says:

    someone pls answer me
    so the constant popping sound when it launch, is that how sonic boom constantly, cause i heard that sonic boom occur not only one but constantly. not like a jet flyby, i never heard in video or real life how constant sonic boom sound like, thanks.

  • Dizbee FPV Dizbelief Dizzy ^( says:

    That was amazing thanks

  • Kurulus Ayan ^( says:

    its like a war is going on

  • Jackson McCarthy ^( says:

    You’re a version of myself that did what I haven’t !! Thank you!!

  • Interstellar13 YT ^( says:

    Nice Video.

  • Metoobie ^( says:

    that…. WAS FANTASTIC!!! I started listening to this with my eyes closed just to get my brain calibrated. Loved all the little booms of the controlled explosions (aka thrust) on liftoff! Thank you for making these videos!

  • Dragon Master_2000 ^( says:

    Jesus that is loud especially from afar, just imagine the sound of Saturn V launch, in that same distance.

  • マティアス ^( says:

    imagine 28 raptor engines

  • Gunner8 ^( says:

    I was luckily able to see a Space X launch when I visited Florida a while back. The sound from this video is spot on to what it sounded like. The only difference is that in real life you can feel it in the ground as well.

  • nicholastrawinski ^( says:

    i keep coming back to this video for the awesome audio, and i also keep winding up unhappy that around 5:00 ^( when i realize that the 2 boosters landing are actually just 1 feed thats been doubled …

  • Till2908 ^( says:

    Just Insane

  • Train Gaming ^( says:

    one of the few videos to peak my audio at full volume xD Noice

  • exercitatus ^( says:

    Sry I've only heard 2x 3-sonics booms

  • Terox ^( says:

    Everytime I get new headphones i watch this. By now i know the dialogue xd

  • Willy Madison ^( says:

    The embarrassed retailer supposedly pop because grandson fortuitously sign out a military ground. kind, roomy underclothes

  • Thomas Cushing ^( says:

    Dude! You really aughta be filming with a stereo camera, so we can view using Oculus, or even Google Cardboard, or Daydream! Now THAT would be awesome!

  • SurfShawnSurf ^( says:

    The BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION gave me chicken skin!