January 27, 2023

The Descent 2 Explained In Hindi & Urdu Theviraltime

The Descent 2 Explained In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by
Warner Bros. Entertainment UK

Production companies
Celador Films

The Descent 2005 Part 1

Directed by
Jon Harris

Screenplay by
James McCarthy
J Blakeson
James Watkins

Produced by
Christian Colson
Ivana MacKinnon

Sam McCurdy

Edited by
Jon Harris

Music by
David Julyan

Two days after the events of the first film, a traumatized and blood-covered Sarah escapes the cave system with no memory of what happened. She is taken to a hospital, where the doctor finds that some of the blood on her is of the same blood type as Juno, one of her missing friends. Sheriff Vaines and his deputy Rios bring along the amnesiac Sarah and three potholing cave specialists – Dan, Greg, and Cath – to find the missing women in the cave system. They are sent down via an old mine shaft operated by an old man, Ed. When the team splits up in search of her, Vaines accidentally discharges his pistol after a crawler scares him. As a result, part of the cavern collapses and traps Cath under a pile of rocks, separating her from the rest. They decide to find an alternate way around in order to try to free Cath and arrive in a room full of bones, finding Holly’s damaged video camera among the debris. They watch the recordings and realize the missing women had been attacked by the crawlers. Sarah, hiding nearby, overhears the recording and regains her memories. A panicked Rios starts calling for help, alerting the crawlers to her location. Sarah saves her by covering her mouth, as the crawlers are blind and they hunt by relying on sound. The two of them watch and wait as a crawler kills Dan and drags his body away. Juno then leads them to a feeding pit, which she claims has a passage to the surface that the crawlers use to gather food from above ground. Vaines handcuffs Sarah to himself so that she will not abandon them as she did to Juno. When he falls over a ledge, he almost drags Sarah down with him. As crawlers approach them, Juno orders Rios to cut off Vaines’s hand to save Sarah. Despite his protests, she does so, causing Vaines and the crawlers, now latched onto him, to fall to their deaths. Sarah, Juno, and Rios reach the exit, where they are blocked by a group of crawlers led by their large leader. They try to sneak past but Greg, who is dying from his injuries, appears and grabs Juno’s leg in a last effort to save himself. She screams and attracts the crawlers. Greg dies and the women are left to fight once again. After all of the crawlers are killed, Sarah tries to rescue Juno from the leader, but it slashes Juno’s stomach, mortally wounding her. Sarah then kills it before Juno dies in her arms. When more crawlers arrive, Sarah draws their attention to herself by screaming, giving Rios a chance to escape. Rios escapes from the cave and tries to call for help. However, she is knocked unconscious with a shovel by Ed, who drags her back to the cave entrance and leaves her there. As Rios slowly regains consciousness, a blood-covered crawler emerges from the cave with its arms outstretched.

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