The CRAZY Upgradeable Laptop – Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 Showcase

2019-10-10 19:00:04
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The CRAZY Upgradeable Laptop – Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 Showcase

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In the world of soldered ram, pentalobe screws and glued down batteries – Panasonic is taking the complete opposite approach with the new Toughbook. They’ve created a laptop where nearly everything, including the GPU, can be swapped almost instantly.

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laptop review

laptop review


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  • DeRaafMedia ^( says:

    As a musician with a lot of digital gear I would like to see something like this with thing like XLR, MIDI, 6,3 jacks and the likes BUILD IN. I carry enough cabels, dongles converters with me anyway (almost 15 kilo's of it), MacBooks aren't an option anymore in my opnion.

  • Brandon Parkinson ^( says:

    This would be ideal for police officers id imagine

  • владимир глущенко ^( says:

    хожу на работу с cf-74, мне нравится…

  • Ryan Jay ^( says:

    ThinkPads were not built with the ruggedness of these in mind, and they've been getting worse over the years, but a lot of their models do still have serviceability as a main goal. The majority of more business focused units can still replace the keyboards with just 5 screws. Also, some ThinkPad models (such as the T470) had both a smaller integrated battery as well as an external battery, allowing you to hot-swap indefinitely as well. Not the same level as this, but more enterprise focused products do still care about serviceability … it is only in the consumer world where glued together screens and riveted keyboards have become acceptable.

  • Samuel Baker ^( says:

    This thing's built to survive me–that's one thing for sure!!!

  • Asriel And Chara Does Stuff ^( says:

    That looked like the cheapest garbage ever

  • Aditya Tundwal ^( says:

    Just imagine walking in to the apple store with one of these. 😂😂

  • Mufrat Hamza ^( says:

    The duck it's over price is gonna kill over like 1000 time's over

  • Patricio's ^( says:

    That laptop is awsome! 😳
    Linus is like reloading a gun! 🤣😂

  • Mohammad Bin Atique ^( says:

    A laptop made for me. Finally!

  • Carla Ferraccini ^( says:

    that's soooo cool

  • Control Playz ^( says:

    why does this look like a 2013 or a 2012 laptop

  • Noice ^( says:

    Finally a battry reloadable laptop

  • David Black ^( says:

    I have the CF-30 my second one now and it is good enough for me as far as modularity goes. What I like about the CF-30 is the toughness of the unit. It was made for military and law enforcement use under the most extreme conditions. I can use mine in the rain without fear. It is only a 13 inch screen and it does weigh more than the 55 but if needed I could use it as a weapon without fear of breaking it. It has a free floating removeable HHD hard drive you can swap it out for SSD if you want. It is also touchscreen with a stylus that fits in the pullout handle and has a tether so you won't lose it. The speaker isn't the best but for my needs it is adequate. Also it has an SD card reader if you need that plus ethernet and telephone jacks. If you are mounting it in a vehicle there is a sliding door on the back to plug it into the dock while maintaining the waterproof quality. The biggest bonus is they are pretty inexpensive on eBay compared to when they were new!

  • gio ^( says:

    This is written by Riley I'm sure

  • Austin Wilburn ^( says:

    Haven’t watch the video yet, just started but it looks like a military grade field laptop but without the exterior casing.

  • Stephen Smith ^( says:

    I’ve got both the Toughbook CF-18 and CF-19 convertible tablet/laptops as well as a CF-29 and I love the modularity of all of them.

  • Kriss ^( says:

    The laptop of the future

  • Quinburger ^( says:

    i feel like this was made to be put into police cruisers

  • Evan Butterfield ^( says:

    Why don't these rugged laptops ever have 11th gen i7 CPUs ?? Or capable GPUs? Everything else is perfect

  • Copperbird 2119 ^( says:

    Sounds like tuff shoe laces and tuff gum

  • d4jare_sama ^( says:

    panasonic thiccbook 55

  • Patrick Maximus ^( says:

    I still miss something like a trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard.

  • GamerJuice YT ^( says:

    it's called the TUFF book

  • TheGamerPhobia ^( says:

    Car docks may sound weird but police officers use them. At least were im from they'll often times have a laptop docked in the passenger seat and theyre really cool.

    As the vid goes on i realize this was made with police officers in mind. Ive never been in the front seat of an ambulance or fire truck but i wouldnt be suprised if they used this too

  • SgtJoker ^( says:

    Im a mechanik at audi in germany. We use these things for car diagnostics. And thats what the round connector on the back is for. If you wanna run the OBD2 Interface Connector wired. But we mostly use it wireless

  • Paul Sessions ^( says:

    What happened to the sleeve? 12:15 ^(

  • Sherry Clark ^( says:

    I am disappointed you did not shred your ssd.

  • Teppo Multimäki ^( says:

    i would probably use dual battery and blue ray

  • lordorangeMAIN ^( says:

    You: A MacBook
    The guy she tells you not to worry about:

  • Larry Lee ^( says:

    Proprietary ports, it's still apple. You get easy serviceability at the cost of price.

  • Ciro Aldorisio ^( says:

    1:02 ^( oh my god…it even has a watermark

  • Ahmad Al Hamlan ^( says:

    Sucker costs 2000 though…

  • Masked Redstoner Pro Z ^( says:

    This thing, with like Arch Linux with xfce or even KDE desktop environment, would be the ultimate customization machine

  • Will O ^( says:

    Damn wish I had one of these instead of my potato. GPU, 2 batteries, Ram, Standard ssd, and anything that adds usbs

  • Chris Rolon ^( says:

    I think they where marketing it to cops Linus.

  • károly drienkó ^( says:

    Goddamnit it's expensive

  • alex /// ^( says:

    can you change the hinges