The Chainsmokers – This Feeling (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

2018-12-03 22:47:40
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The Chainsmokers – This Feeling (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)


See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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fashion show

fashion show


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  • MADHURIMA KUNDU ^( says:

    Why are many of the aAngels wearing a scarf around the neck instead of wings?

  • なな ^( says:

    3:00 ^( I want to know her name😍🌼♥️

  • Sedat Karabulut ^( says:

    Barbar palvin 🥰😍🤩💜

  • Sıla SılaSıla ^( says:

    i am a simple person i saw barbara palvin and i clicked

  • Hemam Robinson singh ^( says:

    Ming xi is so beautiful and cute

  • hamsterduh ^( says:

    The fact that Barbara is considered plus size. Whaaaat!?!?

  • Wanrap Kharumnuid ^( says:

    No more star quality…no wonder the show went down

  • Judea Caoile ^( says:

    1:12 ^( may i know the name???

  • 鍾雨霖 ^( says:

    2:29 ^(

  • Jungkook Obama ^( says:

    Vitoria secret runways are pretty big deal huh? So these models are cream of crops and top of modeling industry? Nice.

  • Saurosabani Sabani ^( says:


  • Who is here for Andrew? ✋

  • greenmate latte ^( says:

    My Candice 😍

  • Romee looks soooo goooood!!

  • luvabout ^( says:

    2:29 ^(

  • Jamya Ferdinand ^( says:

    I remember when Kelsea's song debuted on Disney Channel. Look at how far she's come

  • Apple Music Channel ^( says:

    Wow😲 these songs are great and pretty voice i like them they are so pretty girls 😘🥰☺🤗😀😃😄😍😉

  • cat lover02 ^( says:

    Admit it,we all know why we came here. Barbara ✨.

  • Tilus ^( says: ^(

  • Natalie Rodriguez ^( says:

    God Bless Angles 😱🤣

  • Barbara Fialho and Barbara Palvin 😍

  • John Killer ^( says:

    2:10 ^( this is fire my friend listen l feel so happy

  • Mela Perez ^( says:

    Barbara es la perfeccion en persona

  • Akuila Ravosai ^( says:

    Who else saw Rita Ora?😄

  • Vee B ^( says:

    the singer sounds like taylor swift

  • 오늘의증권 ^( says:


  • Chris George ^( says:

    The taboo amusement progressively fax because substance microregionally irritate minus a offbeat taste. changeable, ubiquitous east

  • Shashank ^( says:

    Thumbnail – Barbara palvin 💞

  • anja ffx ^( says:

    Barbara Fialho , Barbara Palvin 🥰

  • myluxurylife. net ^( says:

    Great video, great Youtuber.. Do you know hqreps? People around me are always talk about it. Really great products and lowest price I have ever seen. I have got 5 pcs of handbags from this store, seems great !!

  • Lestari ^( says:

    the way music fit with barbara walk in just perfect

  • Bea Wallis ^( says:

    Nobody’s gonna talk about her? 1:45 ^( 😍😍 Her walk omg♥️

  • Shreya Jana ^( says:

    2:05 ^( just a time stamp for meee❤️❤️❤️

  • Urbana Islam Barsha ^( says:

    I totally loved Kelshi's dress..the female singer.. ❤️

  • Angel Dukes ^( says:

    Looking. For. A. Way

  • Angel Dukes ^( says:

    Now. I. Don't. Talk. Find. Me. On. Payper. Ok

  • Allison Negreiros ^( says:

    2:45 ^(
    She's the girl who once fell, was helped by another model and then cried the hell out. Idk her name but I'm happy that she kept modeling after that. She seems to genuinely give her heart to the people and be grateful to be there. Beautiful aura ♥

  • Auguszta Lázâr ^( says:

    Barbara Palvin is Hungarian and me too.I'm f*cking proud of her🥺❤🇭🇺

  • Neo.-.Sporin Cav ^( says:

    Want Adriana back :(((

  • Ashly Anot ^( says:

    Romee Strijd❣️

  • Andrew Huesca ^( says:

    I can listen to this performance over and over

  • Maria Shaikh ^( says:

    Star of the show..Barbara Palvin & her ending pose <3

  • Falcon Trap Studio ^( says:

    Even Andrew Taggret is a DJ his vocal are improved so much from his past live performances

  • Soy Mari ^( says:

    I really need the VS fashion show to come come back with these models and plus size ones💕✨

  • Ankit N ^( says:

    Are we on Same Page? What's the secret?