The Bob’s Burgers Theory – Are They All Dead? | Channel Frederator

2015-07-10 20:53:57
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The Bob’s Burgers Theory – Are They All Dead? | Channel Frederator

The world of “Bob’s Burgers” is a constant mix of comedy genius and disaster, which is what makes the show such a hilarious mess! Bob Belcher and his family-run burger restaurant have had some pretty crazy accidents, but have always been able to stick together through it all in the end. But what if one accident actually lead to most of the Belcher family dying except for Bob? This week, Emily examines the mind of Bob Belcher to see whether or not his aloof family are really just figments of his imagination!

Welcome to Cartoon Conspiracy! Dive into the mysteries and fan theories of all things animation with your host Emily as she takes a critical look at how the theories hold up.
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bob’s burgers

bob’s burgers


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  • Gaminguy 567 ^( says:

    Me: *reads title
    Also me: "Oh, everybody in every cartoon is dead, aren't they!?"

    Only show where they're all dead is Helluva Boss or Hazbin Hotel

  • smashin4nash ^( says:

    The first episode is actually an homage to the original concept for the show ie they were cannibals

  • Creepy pickle!!! ^( says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you in the movie Mallrats in the opening credits Ben Affleck was portrayed as Batman way before he actually played Batman foreshadowing

  • Puff World! ^( says:

    Literally every single TV series theory “they’re all dead”

  • Stephen M ^( says:

    Bob is rebelling against his father. Louise is an eccentric right hand brain thinker. Gene is most likely on the autism spectrum and Tina has teenage depression, we all go through it. Linda is a minimalist as long as she has four walls in a roof and isn't starving she's happy.

  • l e m o n ^( says:

    Everybody talks with the kids of course they're real

  • starboy _123_456 ^( says:

    Your forgetting one thing.We learn that bob's mom died.And since you think bob is hallucting his loved ones.Don't you think he would halluct her to because she is one of bob's loved once

    We also see scencs were linda louise tina and gene are talking with other charathers in the show.Scencs were bob is not in

  • Brucci Wayne Music ^( says:

    It's a far stretch. But it is just a theory. Not a very good one either

  • Maria west ^( says:

    This is dumb

  • Scout and Ayden Explosion ^( says:

    This is not a good conspiracy. it's not.

  • TheSynderLegend ^( says:

    BOB'S BURGERS' just die on age 45 today news

  • Sam Wenzel ^( says:

    You’re CLEARLY reaching hard asf and choosing specific pieces of the show to support your claims and literally ignoring follow up things that poke holes in your theory.

  • Sam Wenzel ^( says:

    Then how are they interacting with other characters 😒

  • lequesha ^( says:


    "All the characters are dead."

  • Richie boi ^( says:

    I just wanted to look up some music

  • Allen Tremper ^( says:

    I could actually do without Gene. Lol

  • D ^( says:

    Dumb conspiracy good video 😉

  • Sophia Autumnyard ^( says:

    The creators have com formed that the Belchers are not Dead

  • Muneca BonBon ^( says:

    My favorite character is Bob because he's so chill, who's yours and why??

  • Clever Name ^( says:

    I like how there’s happy music in the background

  • Fun time Chris ^( says:

    There still alive and if there not pls explain how is bob hallucinating so many times unless he can hallucinate while he’s already Hallucinating