The Black Tape Project Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion 2019 | FashionTV | FTV

2018-08-16 12:00:06
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The Black Tape Project Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion 2019 | FashionTV | FTV

MIAMI – The Black Tape Project brings a new kind of collection and presentation of swimwear to Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion 2019 and we love it.

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fashion week

fashion week


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  • Gagan Kesarwani ^( says:


  • Dj Groopz ^( says:

    Cymphony De la Fuente

  • VANDETTA GIZLI ^( says:


  • AbuRuqayahAlsarraji AbuRuqayahAlsarrji ^( says:

  • SUPER POWER ^( says:


  • AYM11212012 ^( says:

    1:34 ^( この人神かよ笑

  • 草泥馬里奧先生 ^( says:

    I hope to see someone swimming with this thing

  • Heyser Santiago ^( says:

    Creatividad y belleza.

  • Ben ^( says:

    Why the hell don't they show the whole view – like the walk back?! This is the most interesting part!

  • Bhanu Ternain ^( says:


  • Rizal Tanjung ^( says:

    Cantik banget cewek nya ❤️👍👍 +62812-6578-3512 from Indonesia 🙏

  • BAWON SUWITO ^( says:

    Mntap ide baru, tanpa biaya besar, untuk bergaya

  • Demonic Satan ^( says:

    This kind of fashion should be investing more

  • Demetre Mirianashvili ^( says:

    3:08 ^( girl name?

  • Demetre Mirianashvili ^( says:

    3:08 ^( name??

  • Julian Christoper Lintungan ^( says:

    I want name

  • Kaizen Je ^( says:

    Can someone drop 1:36 ^( insta

  • Vidhyasagar R ^( says:

    Ozzy man reviews

  • Mario Gilli ^( says:

    Philosopher heghel

  • Giovanni Coney ^( says:

    1:35 ^( woow

  • chandan Chaudhary ^( says:

    Nice 👍

  • mehmetali cicekli ^( says:


  • Málmhaus TBH ^( says:

    1:34 ^( Name??? :O

  • slayde ^( says:

    2:57 ^( haha wtf is this…

  • Mohamedzaymohamed Zanaty ^( says:

    دى خطوط لبتسك اية لباسى مخطط
    لسة الموضة دى ما وصلتش عندنا خطوط انتم كام جيجا

  • Le Mirage ^( says:

    1:36 ^(, I want to see her back as well, very frustrating when camera angles do not cover the walk from the back.

  • George Russell ^( says:

    Lady at 2:58 ^( in front row seemed to be enjoying. Wearable art…

  • Ethan nessman ^( says:

    1:38 ^( she kinda reminds me of jlo

  • Owen Don ^( says:

    Is this the bridge where electricians switch to dry tailoring? Just a few pieces of broken tape, so that it can be mixed with rice? Is the world silly or silly?

  • Koldklause Tuialla ^( says:

    Actually I enjoy watching the girls walk w/ confidence. Kool.

  • Jasmine M ^( says:

    1:44 ^( why she walk like a hippo

  • Canterlat. Sub ^( says:

    We must emphasize that they are natural bodies NOT false!