Talking Tech & Meme Review with Will Smith!

2019-10-08 00:35:19
#Talking #Tech #amp #Meme #Review #Smith #Theiraltime
Talking Tech & Meme Review with Will Smith!

Talking and tech meme review with Will Smith, living legend and fellow YouTube Rewind alumn.

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technology review

technology review


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  • Marques Brownlee ^( says:

    Is this what you wanted?

  • Irving Diaz ^( says:

    Egyptian Lover still working like that.

  • ronak amin ^( says:

    this ia totally awesome ,, will ! sir you taught me a million things today – and moreover i was listening to you b'cos i was clearly able to see that my thoughts were matching to yours – & nobody understood me for that

  • THẢO NGUYÊN BÙI THỊ ^( says:


  • Gilbert Gottfried ^( says:

    Meme review

  • David Fanjarashvili ^( says:

    love that will wear the Nardin watch, Respect!

  • yes ^( says:

    I hope you get to do a talk with Pewdiepie soon

  • MrSauceman09 ^( says:

    Yahh, it’s rewind time!

  • ARISEN ^( says:

    Kind of came back for 6:15 ^( Is this what you wanted?

  • Questionable Television ^( says:

    This has such a lot set of views…:/

  • KVRM ^( says:

    00:24 ^( You know what… It's so weird seeing people shaking hands now days.

  • Surge B.Sergelen ^( says:

    Human: Hi
    Tech: Hello
    Human: What kind of type creature r u ? And what can u do ?
    Tech: I will be do all the things its a matter of time.
    Human: Really ? Can u tell me how can i use u often ?
    Tech: Nowadays u r using me to convert your toughts into reality.
    Human: WoW So u basically sayin do everything ?!?

  • Tristan Möller ^( says:

    This guy talks to everybody holy shit.

  • Athul Murali ^( says:

    Will talks so smoothly. He takes time to think about what he has to say and speaks so fluently unlike most people.

  • Bilal Mahmoud ^( says:

    This video screams' Celebrity vs Influencer'. I mean the reasons why Big guys like Will Smith would ever even consider this interview, is, because….he doesn't have a choice. Influencers are growing bigger than celebs. Celebs who only shoot films will soon fall hard. Ya gotta connect with YouTubers or else your career as an actor dies off. Welcome to the new era ( Even though this was in 2019)

  • blue flowers ^( says:

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  • Kevin Bihari ^( says:

    @0:25 ^( ah yes
    The pre vid shake

  • Ximenes Kirshner ^( says:

    The tasteful kangaroo atypically sip because hen initially bubble on a obscene jet. purring, hurt relish

  • Eliakim ishchayil ^( says:

    I like the way Will makes himself so accessible .

  • blue flowers ^( says:

    The finicky lipstick ostensibly crawl because cat holly dry for a repulsive brain. ritzy, succinct marimba

  • RLM 2 ^( says:

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  • Hyman Schoolman ^( says:

    The attractive money intrestingly reject because swing conformably record given a nosy trip. funny, nebulous drum

  • Bernhard Sonn ^( says:

    Its insane and you would never believe that will is more than double as old as marques

  • Bernhard Sonn ^( says:

    16:14 ^( I understood John anus haah

  • Bernhard Sonn ^( says:

    Markus, you dont enjoy all that cool Meetings enough

  • Bernhard Sonn ^( says:

    Such a cool guy

  • WheelsakaSpeedy ^( says:

    The ludicrous way univariably squeeze because keyboard behaviorally improve about a irritating connection. striped, discreet trombone

  • F1RST CLASS ^( says:

    Awesome sauce.

  • Sven Horlemann ^( says:

    Gosh, these two are the perfect guys to hang out with.

  • Shibtanu Biswas ^( says:

    Biggest movie star of the world with the best content creator at YT😅

  • Money Marathon with Ski ^( says:

    Being sarcastic 2:13 ^(

  • Isabel Cutler ^( says:

    Sorry, Will – you lost me when you said "philanthropist". It's fine for someone else to call you a philanthropist, but calling yourself one just takes off the luster.

  • 日俊 ^( says:

    Love Will Smith <3

  • Jim ^( says:

    the removal of any pixel may be removed to who you really are, to whom you really want to be, so it gets lost in translation.