Switzerland In Rs. 75,000 – 10 Days 10 Cities – A Budget Trip from India – All You Need to Know

2018-12-13 14:57:45
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Switzerland In Rs. 75,000 – 10 Days 10 Cities – A Budget Trip from India – All You Need to Know

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Planning to visit Switzerland from India on a budget? Here is everything you need to know about Switzerland including, Hotels, BNBs, Swiss Rail Pass, Rental Cars, Mountains, Activities, Nightlife, Entertainment, History and everything Switzerland has to offer. As an average Indian traveler, I visited the beautiful country of Switzerland on a budget as an Indian travel vlogger, exploring Switzerland from India. This video shares each and every detail that an Indian in Switzerland needs to know. From the Swiss rail pass to cheapest accommodations in Switzerland, this video answers all the questions related to budget travel to Switzerland.

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In this journey I visited some beautiful Swiss while exploring Switzerland by road in a rented car. I drove from Zurich to Geneva and on the way, visited some beautiful cities like Interlaken, Berm, Lucerne, Gstaad, Lauterbrunnen, MΓΌrren, Gimmelwald, Grindelwald, Saanen and many more.

This series would not just include details from a solo traveler to Switzerland point of view but also from family and honeymoon in Switzerland point of view.

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Are you wondering..

1) How much does it cost to visit Switzerland from India?
2) How to book cheap flights to Switzerland?
3) How to visit Switzerland on a budget?
4) How to use the Swiss rail pass or the EU rail pass in Switzerland?
5) How to find Indian food in Switzerland?
6) How to use public transport in Switzerland?
7) How expensive is Switzerland?
8) Where are the DDLJ locations in Switzerland?
9) How to plan a honeymoon in Switzerland?

This video answers it all.

Also the video discusses the following Switzerland Trip from India factors in great details.

1) Planning a budget trip to Switzerland
2) India to Switzerland cheap flights
3) India to Switzerland tour packages
4) DDLJ locations in Switzerland.
5) Budget trip to Zurich.
6) Fun activities in Switzerland.
7) Switzerland packaged tours.
8) Romantic places in Switzerland.
9) Honeymoon in Switzerland.

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switzerland vlog

switzerland vlog


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