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Suggestion to watch Pleasure review: An explicit and unflinching drama Theviraltime


Suggestion to watch Pleasure review: An explicit and unflinching drama Theviraltime

Much like the ambitious protagonist at the center of its story, Pleasure isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. The new film from Swedish writer-director Ninja Thyberg is a deep dive into the world of the American porn industry that’s told through the eyes of Bella Cherry (Sofia Kappel), a Swedish girl who moves to Los Angeles with plans to become the next big porn star.

Bella doesn’t waste any time beginning that pursuit, and neither does Pleasure. After opening with a brief but explicit audio clip from an over-the-top sex scene, Pleasure follows Kappel’s Bella as she arrives in the U.S. fresh off her flight from Sweden. The film’s first images show Bella filling out paperwork and providing her fingerprints before being asked by an unseen customs agent if she’s come to the United States for business or pleasure. After pausing for a brief moment, Bella replies, “Pleasure.”

It’s an instance of meta-humor that kicks Pleasure off on a tongue-in-cheek note, but it’s not the moment in the film’s prologue that is the most indicative of what’s to come in Thyberg’s feature directorial debut. Instead, it’s the moments when Bella has to sign paperwork and mark her fingers with ink that feel the most in line with Thyberg’s intentions in Pleasure, a film that’s less about eliciting its titular feeling and more about exposing the mechanics of an industry that produces content designed to titillate and excite.

Pleasure hits theaters on Friday, May 13.

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