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Suggestion to watch How to set up your TV for Super Bowl Sunday Theviraltime


Suggestion to watch How to set up your TV for Super Bowl Sunday Theviraltime

Super Bowl LVI is well on its way, due for broadcast on February 13th, 2022, and if you’re planning a big game day then your TV needs to be ready, too. It doesn’t matter how larger your current TV is or how expensive it might have been, there are still settings you can change to help improve the picture specifically for sports like football.

In this guide, we’re going over the easy, effective ways you can switch up your TV settings to make sure they’re perfect for the Super Bowl and other important football events. Let’s get started!

TV picture settings on an LG OLED TV.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Pick the cinema or movie TV mode

Start by choosing the overall TV mode for watching the Super Bowl. A lot of TVs come with a dedicated Sports mode. Do not choose that. Sports modes tend to boost brightness and color settings too high and create a janky, unnatural image.

Instead, start with the Cinema or Movie mode on your TV as a baseline. If you have a Natural mode, that works well too. This will help give you the most realistic results.

Note that the 2022 Super Bowl broadcaster is NBC, and while they will not be offering the big game in 4K, you’ll still want to make sure you are tuned into their HD channel when the day arrives.

You can also stream the game on apps like Peacock, YouTube TV, and more, so there are plenty of options. If you have a 4K TV, you’ll want to read our guide on how to watch the Super Bowl in 4K, the advantages of upscaling, and other important info.

Tweak contrast/white level for detail

If you are ready to head into deeper settings, start with Contrast/White Level (these both mean the same thing, but different TVs may use different terms).

Contrast should be low enough to make out every detail while still maintaining a bright image that will show clearly in a well-lit room. Start by finding and freezing on an image with lots of white and light colors: It could be a picture of a sky filled with clouds, for example, or a procession with lots of white gowns.

An image of clouds and sky for setting your TV's brightness and contrast levels.

Now, lower your contrast down until you can easily see all the little details, like small changes in shadow and every shade of off-white in those clouds or other subjects. Now keep an eye on the screen and start increasing contrast to improve brightness. When those little details start disappearing, you’ve started to go too far. Adjust back a bit to find the golden zone.

smoothing, noise reduction, image enhancement, judder reduction, and so on. Modern TVs rarely benefit from these modes, and they can do weird things to image quality, blurring out detail or undoing the other settings work you’ve accomplished. Turn them all off unless you really need them.

Choose a warm color temperature

Not all TVs have a Color Temperature option, but if yours does then you can also tweak it for better results. Sometimes Color Temperature is also called Color Tone. Make sure it’s set to Warm or Low to help keep whites looking natural.


Unlike image quality, there’s not much tweaking you can do on your TV for audio. If you have a surround sound system or larger stereo system, it may come with several presets for audio that you can try out. Once, again, the Sports mode isn’t always the best for audio. You want a mode that decreases background crowd noise while enhancing the announcers and what the on-field mics are picking up, like the thwack of the ball when it’s kicked. You may want to find a football game on TV and switch between audio settings to see which one works the best. Avoid any “clarity” mode for speech, as they can mess with audio levels.

If you really want a sound upgrade, take a look at our list of the best soundbars. They can provide excellent audio in a variety of situations without taking up too much room.

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