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Suggestion to watch Fruits Basket Prelude review: A fitting coda to a beloved series Theviraltime


Suggestion to watch Fruits Basket Prelude review: A fitting coda to a beloved series Theviraltime

In the anime and manga industry, few other romantic dramas have made as much of an impact on fans on the genre as Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket. The series has since become a shoujo drama icon, with fans of the series becoming emotionally invested in the developing relationship and journeys of personal growth faced by Tohru and Kyo, along with the members of the Sohma household.

Its touch of the fantastical adds a layer of intrigue while keeping the interpersonal relationships at the heart of the story, and animation studio TMS Entertainment’s compilation and prequel movie Fruits Basket Prelude provides a satisfying close to the 2019 TV anime reboot. Though the movie could have afforded to dial it back on the “compilation” element of the movie, the meat of the plot surrounding the origins of Tohru’s parents and the touching epilogue at the end make this essential for longtime anime and manga fans.

An incremental start

A young Kyo with Kyoko in a flashback sequence during Fruits Basket -prelude-.

For anime fans, especially in the TV space, the practice of airing “recap” episodes is nothing new, even if it’s something of a nuisance for those eager for weekly episode premieres for their favorite series to begin. The movie does accomplish what it sets out to do once the story gathers steam, and to be fair to Fruits Basket Prelude, it is marketed partly as a recap/compilation feature in addition to a prequel for the main storyline following Tohru and Kyo.

Even so, the series recap portion seems to drag its feet to a degree with the runtime it was allotted. That also might mean for veteran series fans that these otherwise pivotal moments in Tohru and Kyo’s evolving dynamic won’t hit as hard since it’s quite a bit of known information being presented again in a smash-cut, highlight-reel-style format.

However, to once again be more fair to TMS Entertainment and director Yoshihide Ibata’s creative direction, this early chunk of the movie can mostly be given a pass since the part of the story serving as the main appeal for seeing Fruits Basket Prelude wouldn’t be enough to flesh out its 88-minute runtime. Likewise, it’s also possible they felt padding out Kyoko and Katsuya Honda’s stories with original content wouldn’t do justice to Takaya’s beloved manga source material.

Thankfully, though, this is something of a minor setback that will at least be serviceable for audiences content with experiencing a “greatest hits moments” of sorts from the 2019 anime series that doesn’t detract from Kyoko and Katsuya’s story. And to the roughly 30-minute recap portion of the movie’s credit, adding Kyo’s narration of the three-season series’ events is an admittedly nice touch to make it more palatable.

Fruits Basket Prelude is available in select theaters in the U.S. and Canada on June 25, 28, and 29.

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