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Suggestion to watch Batman: Every Live-Action Version, Ranked Theviraltime


Suggestion to watch Batman: Every Live-Action Version, Ranked Theviraltime

As one of the most influential superheroes of all time, Batman has been part of pop culture for nearly eighty-three years. During that time, The Dark Knight has evolved from a traditional, crime-busting superhero to a complex and tragic vigilante, keeping up with the times to stay relevant. His comic book persona may be messy and chaotic, but there’s a consistency to his characterization, a sense of faithfulness to his core that cemented him as one of DC’s cornerstone heroes.

This consistency has been largely absent from his live-action portrayals. The Caped Crusader has had many incarnations, each distinct and special in its own way. Some perfectly captured the duality inherent to Batman, aptly juggling the Bruce Wayne and Batman personas; others chose to focus too much on one side, inevitably resulting in an incomplete performance. Still, all these actors contributed something to the already enduring legacy of Batman, securing their place in the ever-growing pantheon of memorable comic book movie performances.

Split image of Michael Keaton, Robert Pattinson, and Ben Affleck as Batman
Warner Bros. 1992, Warner Bros. 2022, Warner Bros. 2016

written about Batman & Robin already, to the point where the film’s bad reputation far surpasses any actual contribution it has achieved to the Batman mythos. At the center of the neon-colored mess is George Clooney, who is clearly uncomfortable and wishing he could be anywhere else. To Clooney’s credit, he at least nails the Bruce Wayne playboy persona that most others fail to define. Clooney’s Wayne is effortless, a superstar without needing to do anything other than flash that dashing smile.

His Batman, however, is simply appalling, as the normally stoic hero is far too talkative and not at all intimidating. It doesn’t help that Clooney is very obviously embarrassed delivering his lines. In his case, the pain doesn’t come from past trauma but a horrible script from Akiva Goldsman.

8. Iain Glen

Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne standing on an empty street in Titans
HBO Max, 2022

Titans has a somewhat tarnished reputation among its fanbase, but it worked hard to secure it. The show struggles to understand many of its classic characters, and its version of Batman is the perfect representation of its haphazard representation. Iain Glen’s take on the Dark Knight is more Alfred than Batman. He doesn’t resemble the character’s physicality at all, and Glen’s English accent pops out at the most inconvenient times. Titans ups the ante on Bruce’s paranoia and trust issues, presenting a broken and defeated man that lost his ability to relate to others.

However, it makes the egregious mistake of portraying him as careless, and that’s simply not who Bruce Wayne is. Bruce Wayne cares so much that he devotes his entire life to a mission he knows he’ll never fulfill but is incapable of abandoning. Glen is quite good at embodying Bruce’s hopelessness, but the show around him doesn’t give him the respect he deserves.

Matt Reeves’ long-awaited The Batman might very well be the best big-screen take on the Dark Knight. More a detective story than a superhero adventure, The Batman adopts an ultra-realistic approach that makes Nolan’s trilogy pale in comparison. Robert Pattinson brings a lot of pathos to his Batman. He is imposing without being massive and intimidating without needing to say a word. Quiet and observant, Pattinson’s Batman is a detective first and a fighter second.

While Pattinson’s Batman is genuinely accurate, his Bruce Wayne is disappointing. The complete lack of Wayne’s usual playboy facade, coupled with the film’s primary interest in exploring the Batman persona, make for a lopsided portrayal that feels underwhelming. Like most of the Dark Knight’s modern-day interpretations, The Batman operates under the incorrect assumption that Batman is the real persona and Bruce Wayne is the mask. Yet the character has two distinct but equally relevant personalities within, and by actively neglecting one in service of its story, The Batman, and therefore Pattinson’s portrayal, can’t help but feel incomplete.

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