SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

2016-09-27 17:36:56
#SpaceX #Interplanetary #Transport #System #Theiraltime
SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System




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  • pratyush harsh ^( says:

    Commenting in 2021 will commmet after mars landing

  • Abraham De la melena ^( says:

    starship needs those landing legs

  • Rachhanon Sam ^( says:

    spacex: master at tech

    blue origin: master at copying

  • Toms' Creative Selepe ^( says:

    As a suicidal person struggling with holding on for dear life, this does keep me going. If I had succeeded in 2007, I'd have missed out on so much fun. Thanks SpaceX for giving some of us some things to distract us from our disturbed minds. Also for letting Labpadre and co. to install cams so we can be part of your daily operation even if its just a loud cryo tanks buzz and construction vehicles beeping. I may be in South Africa but I feel like I am walking around Boca Chica..

  • Gio6m2 Playz ^( says:

    Name #1: interplanetary transport system.
    SpaceX: Nah
    Name #2: big falcon rocket.
    SpaceX: Nah how bout a new name and model
    Name #3: Starship
    SpaceX: YES

  • Alberto26w ^( says:

    April 2021 update:
    New NASA Rover landed in Mars

  • Azamat Ashenov ^( says:

    I love u musk!

  • Gregory Ionovich Page ^( says:

    This video only gets better with age.

  • Simon Momper ^( says:

    They only launch test the starship but they didn't launch test the super heavy

  • kitten in towel ^( says:

    The Starships are The next step of reusable rockets after the Shuttles

  • Freeman 3000 ^( says:

    looking at this animations, i laugh, i mean haha. Carbon Fiber

  • Freeman 3000 ^( says:

    this is no longer sci-fi, its near future now

  • Thị Trúc Lâm ^( says:

    Hoang tien sy and pham van chung use read thinking machine to follow me to kill me

  • Advay Chandra ^( says:

    Who is here AFTER we land on mars?

  • SCP_ContainmentBreach_DataBase_0001 ^( says:

    Hence the "Starship" project was born.

  • Bruno Amaro ^( says:

    Mars, here we come

  • Plastic Pinocchio ^( says:

    Who’s here after NASA selected the Starship to go back to the moon in 2024?

  • why bruh ^( says:

    big fuckin rocket big AF

  • Alden Pace ^( says:

    looks different haha

  • Jenny Liu ^( says:

    My school has successfully removed my dreams of ever doing something that will benefit humanity. And when I watch this video, I try not to be even more depressed because I will never want to do these things, just focus on these animations.

  • Amcor A.r.c ^( says:


  • Space Games ^( says:

    Uuh Elon Musk, when will be first flight on mars with a crew?

  • Space Rain ^( says:

    This is art , so excited for the future

  • Sci Fi Games ^( says:

    2021: starship's first landing and currently waiting for the next test flight

  • Alicia Sacar ^( says:

    We can go to space far and beyond

  • Venomspike 3306 ^( says:

    They never explained how the it's ship would control itself on re entry

  • Ascher Lafayette ^( says:

    I love starship but FUCK ITS is the sexiest rocket ever designed change my mind

  • bro what? ^( says:

    at this point we can all trust elon musk with our lives lol

  • MrRipple123 ^( says:

    This video is 4:20 ^( long. Lol.

  • NEMCO ^( says:

    The day will come soon ! 🤩

  • Wumboh ^( says:

    What's the song used ?

  • ArzaHelkilporo GABUT ^( says:

    Starship: carbon is my ex

  • Dream ^( says:

    I cant wait to here “liftoff for starship, go spacex go nasa”

  • Spaceflight Cinematic ^( says:

    I still prefer a lot the old design.

  • Rachhanon Sam ^( says:

    futuristic vibes

  • Stealth Bob ^( says:

    To all the 'muricans thinking Musk will claim Mars for the US your sadly mistaken, this from the Starlink TOS:
    9. Governing Law.

    For Services provided to, on, or in orbit around the planet Earth or the Moon, these Terms and any disputes between us arising out of or related to these Terms, including disputes regarding arbitrability (“Disputes”) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California in the United States. For Services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship or other colonization spacecraft, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet and that no Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities. Accordingly, Disputes will be settled through self-governing principles, established in good faith, at the time of Martian settlement.

  • This is breathtaking..

  • piyush bhattad ^( says:

    World is so beautiful, ain't it!?

  • Malay Kumar ^( says:

    Together will go to Mars

  • Malay Kumar ^( says:

    With love from India

  • International Space Station ^( says:

    One of the most answered question:
    Why does the rockets move slow if they're actually fast in space

  • dude dont ^( says:

    they just look photoshopped

  • soham bhondwe ^( says:

    Elon is great I am from India

  • Abhishek Kumar ^( says:

    I am very grateful to elon musk who used the resources and money in right way.
    Because other billionaires have wasted the valuable resources of earth and money in making their lives royal…