SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns from Space Station on Demo-1 Mission

2019-03-08 20:13:23
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SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns from Space Station on Demo-1 Mission

On March 8, 2019, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft undocks from the International Space Station, after nearly 5 days aboard the orbiting laboratory during the company’s Demo-1 mission for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and descends to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Just over 5 hours later, the uncrewed spacecraft splashes down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida and is recovered by SpaceX teams.



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  • Jill Bebe ^( says:

    What happened to the spacecraft that looked like a small jet that landed back on earth?

  • Shivam Raj시밤 라지 ^( says: ^(

  • Cicero Civalecar ^( says:

    The soyus landing is better!

  • taboo7tatoo ^( says:

    When are the Americans going to land on Land like the Russians?

  • Steve Partain ^( says:

    folks really believe this, hm.

  • xolani sipho ^( says:

    Only south africa in Africa has sent a person in space

  • Mr Wilfred Myers ^( says:

    Thank You

  • saktimaan saktimaan ^( says:

    Love from jamshedpur Jharkhand jugsalai chapariya mohalla

  • Tom Ooms ^( says:

    There is a lot of stuff it seems can't be shown on these videos. The nose cone closing. The separation of Dragon's fuel module, bottom half. (What DOES happen to that BTW?) The moment the capsule begins entering the atmosphere. The crew boarding the capsule FROM ISS. Wonder why that is.

  • Rishaan Ag ^( says:

    The sedate study ironically wish because cent excitingly rely versus a spicy barbara. miscreant, alluring stock

  • drackxman ^( says:

    Where are the stars ?

  • La guerrera ^( says:

    17,500 miles per hour and rey don’t even closed the front 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ROMAN_ KOTAN_YT ^( says:

    Ну шо сказать

  • Dynasty key ^( says:

    I want to be an astronaut,,,,every moment,, I'm watching your videos,,, now I'm studying electronics and telecommunication in college,,, could it be possible???

  • La guerrera ^( says:

    Minute 2:30 ^( water bubbles?
    Its so dark. No stars 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • name name ^( says:

    Do they really need the rockets to land backwards? Is the PR worth it? Seems uneconomical. I dunno…

  • Sgt.Monkol photakul ^( says:

    Hi แชร์นะ เพื่อบันทึก 22/03/2021 Asm 19.59 o'clock

  • N J ^( says:

    what? I thought you can bring a whole lander from space back to earth using only 2 parachutes. Damn you spaceflight simulator, you fiction

  • Nair Acadrolli ^( says:

    Com tanto progresso tecnológico,a humanidade ainda vive como os povos antigos,submetendo o astronauta ao confinamento dentro da cápsula de retorno do espaço,as vezes até caindo no mar,como se não deixasse traumas até para quem assiste tudo com aflição .Os povos antigos já crucificam os condenados e colocavam dentro de grutas ,rolando a pedra ,para fechar totalmente a abertura,como fizeram com Jesus,no santo sepulcro.Que Jesus interceda para que os astronautas sempre saiam vivosve saudáveis destas cápsulas, que significa,como foi com Jesus,a ressurreição dos mortos.Amem

  • Mesa Santikant ^( says:

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  • David Mills ^( says:

    Amazing, no shadows. Come-on-man!

  • Ajims Sali ^( says:

    Why parachutes didn't burned off I think it's fake

  • Athena Camba ^( says:

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  • Anna Feldman ^( says:


  • RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS ^( says:

    im so lucky to have seen the apollo 11 crew capsule

  • The Smoking Rooster ^( says:

    Wow it turns out I was correct, Deep space is as dark as Nancy Pelosi's brain. Much like most of the Democrats in office today.

  • Matthew Waters ^( says:

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  • Matthew Stull ^( says:

    I've heard they are still applauding

  • marekprazak ^( says:

    hmm how is this suppose to land anywhere if its using parachutes?

  • Mike Y ^( says:

    HOAX HOAX HOAX! Wake up people, they are lying to you. Look for details and logically analyze what's going on here. This is nothing new! The editing is what fools most people!

  • vlstgow vlsTwy ^( says:

    Tentativa apenas ….apenas subiu e desceu! Somente do domo nao passa…

  • K20 EG ^( says:

    Went from being able to land on re entry to going back to the 80s splash down

  • Raif Ullah ^( says:

    TRMP nasally