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Showbiz Who is John Whaite’s boyfriend Paul Atkins? Theviraltime


Showbiz Who is John Whaite’s boyfriend Paul Atkins? Theviraltime

JOHN Whaite has made it Theviraltime to the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 final and is participating in the show’s first all-male partnership.

Whaite has become a regular fixture on our TV screens ever since winning the third series of the Great British Bake Off, but his fiance, Paul Atkins, is much less well known.

John and his partner aren't often seen photographed together


John and his partner aren’t often seen photographed together

Who is Paul Atkins?

Paul Atkins works as a graphic designer, and he reportedly lives with fiance John in Leeds.

Paul leads a largely private life – he’s absent from social media and only rarely will John share any pictures of the two on his feed.

However, the couple did appear together on the cover of Attitude magazine back in 2014, where they discussed potential wedding plans – though they didn’t get engaged until three years later and are not married yet.

In the mag, Paul revealed that he would prefer a “low-key affair” over a big wedding, and that his ideal venue would be an English Country house.

In November 2021, John furiously hit back at an online troll who accused him of turning the BBC1 show “into a Pride event”.

When he proudly shared a photo to his Instagram page, a troll jibed: “Yes we know you’re gay. Thought it was a dance contest, not a pride event.”

John did not hold back in his emotional and hard-hitting response, replying: “On the dance floor it’s all about the dancing. It’s only about the dancing. But this isn’t the dance floor. This is life. And this is a life where children grow up in shame.

“This is a life where men and women take their own life because they feel so hated and unaccepted. This is a life where people like you have a tolerance level towards others’ sexuality, as though it’s only acceptable when it’s on your terms.

“And until people like you stop asking questions like this we won’t take our eyes off the ball because we cannot. Because within recent history people were prosecuted for their sexuality. People are thrown off buildings because they love someone from the same sex.

“Enjoy the sequins that’s just artistry with artists and creativity. But here, this is life. It’s gritty and messy.”

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John's best known for his amazing bakes


John’s best known for his amazing bakes

How long have John Whaite and Paul Atkins been dating for?

The couple have been together for over a decade, after first meeting on Facebook in 2008 when they were both living in Manchester.

Four years later, John shot to fame as the winner of series three of The Great British Bake Off.

The couple agreed to take the next step in their relationship in 2017, with John taking to Instagram to announce that they were engaged.

On July 20, 2017, John shared a rare picture of the two together, writing “My true love. We’ve decided to get married. We’ve fought for these rights and we shall use them”.

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