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Showbiz Is Carole King married? Theviraltime


Showbiz Is Carole King married? Theviraltime

THE four times Grammy Award winning music artist Carole King has been an active singer since 1958.

Although she has achieved great success from her musical career, we take a look at the singer’s relationships – find out here if she is married. 

Find out if Carole King is married


Find out if Carole King is marriedCredit: Getty – Contributor

Is Carole King married?

Carole King is not presently married, although she has been married four times.

Since the divorce of her fourth husband in 1989 the singer has kept quiet about any romances she has been involved with since.

Although there were romance rumours, Carole had a long-term friendship with musician James Taylor, with whom she worked on many projects.

The two have just announced a documentary together called Carole King & James Taylor: Just Call Out My Name, which focuses on the friendship and musical collaboration between the two lauded singer/songwriters and premiered on CNN, January 2.

Carole has been married four times


Carole has been married four timesCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who are Carole King’s ex-husbands? 

Carole’s first marriage was to her songwriting partner Gerry Goffin.

The pair were married between 1959 and 1968.

In 1964, Goffin became a father to a daughter with singer Jeanie Reavis, but he and Carole remained together for several years before divorcing. 

Later on, Goffin told Vanity Fair that he “wanted to be a hippie- grew my hair long- and Carolie did it modestly… and then i started taking LSD and mescaline, and Caroline and I began to grow apart because she felt that she had to say things herself, she had to be her own lyricist.”

In 2014 Goffin passed away, aged 75.

Carole’s second marriage was to musician Charles Larkey from 1970 to 1976.

They had previously formed a trio group together called ‘The City’.

Her third marriage was with songwriter Rick Evers from 1977 until his death from a drug overdose a year later.

Carole wrote a song in 2012 explaining that she was physically abused by Evers on a regular basis. 

Her fourth marriage was with Rick Sorenson, who was a rancher from Idaho.

They were married from 1982 to 1989.

How many children does Carole King have?

Carole has four children.

She became pregnant in the summer of 1959, prompting her and Goffin to marry. 

When she was 18, King gave birth to her first child, Louise Goffin.

She then had her second daughter Sherry in 1962 with Goffin.

Louise and Sherry have both become singers. 

Louise released her first album Kid Blue in 1979 With her latest Two 

Different Movies that came out in 2020.

Carole and Louise dutted on a version of Where You Lead for the Gilmore Girls theme tune.

Carole went on to have two more children with Charles Larkey, Molly 1971 and Levi 1974.

Molly works as an artist and writer, while Levi has worked in a number of various jobs around Hollywood.

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