Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Attack of the Numbers!

2020-03-03 00:51:26
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Attack of the Numbers!

Galaxy S20 Ultra is what happens when Samsung throws all the biggest numbers in one place.
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samsung reviews

samsung reviews


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  • Samurai Gameing ^( says:

    Finally the s21 came out so now I can get the s20 ultra in refurbished

  • Sulayman Bah ^( says:

    Is it weird that I'm not even a teenager yet and can use my dads galaxy s20 comfortably

  • Pham Ba Loc ^( says:

    The glistening glorious icicle enthrallingly risk because athlete phenotypically raise on a terrific game. understood, robust bulldozer

  • Renz Emmanuel ^( says:

    yet theres no dual front facing speakers and an audio jack

  • Nad Jones ^( says:

    i think the s 20 ultra is a pierce of shit when it comes to camera operation, every time i take a picture it goes into manual adjust zoom, just when you get the right lighting and angle, and push to take a picture, it goes into manual adjust zoom, this thing just sucks.

  • Marvin Ince ^( says:

    The abortive blinker unusually drop because frost karyologically reply into a quarrelsome consonant. mammoth, jolly mistake

  • Razor r ^( says:

    I bought this beast for $ 700….Why bother paying full price? 🤔

  • Hayden ^( says:

    S21 ultra is ultra compared to this

  • Hayden ^( says:

    Too bad the note 20 ultra actually kinda destroyed this phone

  • Austin Hernandez ^( says:

    I had the s7 for 3 years and the battery started failing so I decided to get a new phone. I was going to get the s10e for $199 but it was out of stock. The sales representative told me about the s20 ultra being on sale for $650 and I was sold instantly. Not having good credit(college student) it costed me $400 up front and now like $8/month. I'm freaking out right now, I've never had such a high model device like this before. This phone is truly AMAZING I think I'm going crazy. Huge upgrade from my s7

  • Janis Locis - Paruskins ^( says:

    😂 when people will start to understand ? , if pay for digital zoom,then better donate that money.

  • Buddhika Senaratne ^( says:

    64 is probably is better than 12 mp

  • El Flaco ^( says:

    Please is there any difference with the Exynos and snapdragon

  • Taman Tanniru ^( says:

    1:07 ^( the attack of the numbers

  • Jeremiah Reyes ^( says:

    Hey maybe you can go through this phone again with all of the updates that it got. Please Marques

  • Sanjay Vinod ^( says:

    Samsung’s just the best at display

  • Neil Patel ^( says:

    Double the specs of my Mac

  • arjun supekar ^( says:

    Man the camera you were filling with , seemed to have the same portrait, same bokeh so don't blame the phone I think and my vet very bold comment is the phone is good

  • Jody Biden ^( says:

    This phone has more Ram then my Dodge

  • Vanko Smyrnov ^( says:

    just buy dslr

  • MR Tropical Walsh ^( says:

    I have one of these and they are absolutely beautiful 😍

  • J. C. ^( says:

    you don't usually get the best software updates for a phone until years after

  • Twilight GamingTB ^( says:

    Nice background.

  • Sooner Models ^( says:

    This a phone or a damn camera?

  • Ansh Shandilya ^( says:

    Before this video started I got a s21 ad 😂

  • Miguel Martinez ^( says:

    How did you edit the part around 0:20 ^( looks fucking amazing

  • Steve Flaxvert Cherry ^( says:

    £1300 phone March 2020 is now £500 used on eBay Feb 2021, I'm pleased I didn't purchase new!



  • Kyle Mendoza ^( says:

    That's weird. I thought altra was spelled

  • Ford Raven ^( says:

    Was that a cassette tape

  • Nosiku Minyoi ^( says:

    wallpaper, please ?

  • MD Mohsin Khan ^( says:

    I love Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra.

  • Dean Juno ^( says:

    actually , the new update has good bokeh and portrait photos

  • jnmg ^( says:

    I really want this phone

  • Wigglytuff Gaming ^( says:

    120hz is worth every penny, I could care less about everything else. Although zooming to 100x is a nice flex.

  • Wigglytuff Gaming ^( says:

    As a phone salesman, color literally doesn't matter. If you don't have a case that covers every inch of that $1400 phone, then why even buy it?

  • Azizul Islam Ashik ^( says:

    A for avant-propos!

  • Aazil Jamal ^( says:

    Great review for Phone buyers 👍👍👍