Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: All the Right Moves!

2020-03-14 16:00:45
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: All the Right Moves!

Galaxy S20 is arguably the most important new phone Samsung makes…
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  • Mauricio Lozano ^( says:

    I just got this phone coming from an S7. I'm kinda bummed about the headphone jack lol since I still used wired headphones and use an auxiliary in my car. Time to upgrade once more lol

  • Aurelio Quitoriano ^( says:

    Im a gamer

    Proceeds to play a knock off subway surfer*

  • Embla ^( says:

    Me on my samsung s20

  • German Lopez Soto ^( says:

    Los dos son prietos rasa Africana y estaudiddnsr

  • Doodelay ^( says:

    when he chucked the phone across the hard floor and calmly showed that it was still uncracked I was shook

  • Orizu Jeffrey ^( says:

    I still want the headphone jack.

  • Arash_SP ^( says:

    i don't understand why companies need to get rid of the headphone jack. i mean yes i get it, we want to go wireless. But why not at least leave the option there for people who yet haven't switched or let's say need to use wired headphones for whatever reason. U can still keep ur phone slim, water resistance and looking nice. so why not keep it? i stuck with Samsung all the way up to the s10 for the headphone jack. Idk what's gonna happen now.

  • Adrian Hafer ^( says:

    Just picked one up and I'm blown away, huge difference from the S9+

  • Brenna B ^( says:

    Everyone always be sayin’ Samsung, but what did sam sing!!!???

  • Tom Ponsford ^( says:

    My S9 just died, Im not gonna deal with the no headphone jack, ill just get an s10

  • Hussnain Ali_Official ^( says:

    Has anyone been playing pubg with s20 . If yes how much erangle games does s20 last on 120 hz ?

  • Jay Time ^( says:

    if you drive an older car or are in friends car the easiest way where you dont have to F around is plug aux cable into vehicle or work boom box or connect audio to your PC

  • Nad Jones ^( says:

    i think the s 20 ultra is a pierce of shit when it comes to camera operation, every time i take a picture it goes into manual adjust zoom, just when you get the right lighting and angle, and push to take a picture, it goes into manual adjust zoom, this thing just sucks.

  • Nancy Fischer ^( says:

    So they made the screen like Apple

  • George Federalist ^( says:

    Is that the blue color or white color S20 you are holding, MK?

  • Unknown 246 ^( says:

    That's the kind of Phone case review i like to see 😂😂

  • Mo3rab 1 ^( says:

    4:34 ^( S20 comes with only 8GB of ram!

  • Jinwuk Lee ^( says:

    Apple: Skips 9
    Samsung: 9 skips

  • akaBez ^( says:

    "I'm a gamer" ahh no. if you game on a phone you're not a gamer. thank you and good bye

  • Wu Tang ^( says:

    The fortunate orchid sporadically fancy because vibraphone preauricularly jam between a roomy anime. yielding, yellow boundary

  • Mark Earl ^( says:

    never bearback a glass sandwich

  • magnified101 ^( says:

    Does anybody know why the SMS icon, changes from yellow to blue on the lock screen?

    I've noticed when I get sms, sometimes the messaging icon will look blue, other times it will look yellow.

  • Horz 77 ^( says:

    So how do you play music in your car with no aux?

  • Kuya Mo Cis ^( says:

    nearly 1 year video and still gonna buy this phone

  • Singing The Blues ^( says:

    I’m switched to iPhone and now going back to Galaxy. Used to the whole thing with not having an audio jack and switched to Bluetooth ear buds. Was a pain at first.

  • Dakota Martinez ^( says:

    Oh yes I’m getting this phone just to play video games. Nevermind that I have the PlayStation 5 and Xbox live.

  • k1ngoftheun1verse ^( says:

    I down played the high refresh rate until I got it in my hands and WOW!!!!

  • Mud Max Metal Detecting ^( says:

    Very good review. I use an old LG G6 for making You Tube videos, and I do close up shots of coins and small objects, will I see a big improvement with the S20 ? (I like the smaller phone) Thanks. ATB MMMD