Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

2019-02-20 19:30:55
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!

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samsung reviews

samsung reviews


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  • Godfred Darko ^( says:

    I still love this video
    this is my favourite phone

  • usmile ^( says:

    was planning to buy an iphone 10 today but i forgot it doesnt have a headphone jack so i decided to buy this beauty of a phone.

  • Faizan Mirza ^( says:

    I buy this phone in jan 2020😍.i have silver color which in video 7:02 ^(

  • Ridwan Ali ^( says:

    Best Samsung phone ever.

  • Aman Ali ^( says:

    2:28 ^( "They have never used a notch"
    Samsung: puts a notch on every midrange and budget phone.

  • Funny Guy gamer ^( says:


  • michael michael ^( says:

    Intro song…. "Weight" Mr J Medeiros…..You're welcome 😉

    Even tho he links the intro song in the description for Spotify…it's nowhere to be found in the Playlist.

  • Albert Sebastian ^( says:

    Samsung took a wise decision and never included the ugly notch in any of their flagships

  • vanessa moreno ^( says:

    Will the wireless charging work for any wireless headphones? Also can you use if the other phone has a case ?

  • Thayasuthan Suthan ^( says:

    hate you full adds…


    give me please🙏🥺

  • XtremeBG ^( says:

    Did you know that this is the most watched Samsung Galaxy video on the MKBHD channel (apart from the fold unboxing video) ? This just shows what a behemot is the S10 series, and how this is the most liked, the most popular and the most beloved Samsung Galaxy Series ever .. ( and yes I know that S20 and S21 series are newer, and is normal to have a little less watches however they are not just little bit behind .. the S20 video has 5.9M and the S21 video has just 2.2M ) Do you think that really the S20 series will get another 4M views from now on ? not a chance.. When one phone releases it's being watched and talked about some months after the release and after this is almost like non existing .. so the S20 series are more than a year old by now, and the S21 well they are more than 2 months old already, and well yes they will get some more views for sure, but they will not reach 10M views, maybe 4-5M at max.

  • Παυλος Παύλος ^( says:

    s9 +

  • Akib Abdel-Khalik ^( says:

    Out with the old iPhone 11 Pro, in with the new! Just bought the S10, this is my first comment with the phone! Loving it. Screen is amazing and software is not as bad as most of the tech reviewers are making out…

  • Mayukh Bejoy ^( says:

    The S10 Still looks so futuristic even in 2021

  • Lily Alamon ^( says:

    I'm watching this on the galaxy s10

  • Nmontez ^( says:

    I still have my s9. Brand new. Wanted the s9+ but I'm pissed they said they don't make em anymore. Ugh. I guess I can try the s10. Hope it still has all the features I love tho. Just wayy more expensive

  • Murtadha Alsabbagh ^( says:

    Why this video is 480p!?

  • mbaxter22 ^( says:

    Why, Samsung? WE DIDN’T NEED THE HOLE PUNCH! If you’re going to have a “chin” at the bottom of the phone anyway, why not have an equal sized “forehead” at the top, and just put the front camera & sensors in there? You end up with a much better looking symmetrical phone, and the same usable screen real estate anyways. There is no functional difference between a notch and a hole punch, especially when it’s a big hole punch like the S10.

    Both solutions effectively make the top strip of the phone usable only for status indicators (battery, time, signal strength, etc). Notches and holes both ruin full screen video playback, and they both mess up the aesthetics of the phone. The notch and the hole punch are both solutions to a problem that didn’t really exist.

  • mami ^( says:

    NCT Mark’s phone💚🤧

  • md zahid ^( says:

    S10 review with 10m views

  • MeyoMix ^( says:

    Title of video "S10 impressions". Phone seen in video S10 plus


  • Ur Mum ^( says:

    I switched from Samsung to apple and I’m disappointed

  • Elioenai Serrano Rivera ^( says:

    8:25 ^( why is it moving

  • Albert Sebastian ^( says:

    You can transfer your data to the phone if your laptop runs out of storage

  • Aldon Santo ^( says:

    the side camera looks better than front. Linus just hates everything.

  • Kamini Kumari ^( says:

    Who tried the s20 ultra.

  • Joker ^( says:

    This thing is a deal now at under 500 bucks

  • Angelo Andrada ^( says:

    Watching this on a samsung s10

  • Shiva Singh ^( says:

    Watching in my s20+

  • Cățelul Comunist ^( says:

    Me watching from s10 plus👀

  • Irfan Ali ^( says:

    why battery just 3400 mah ?

  • shuaib shaikh ^( says:

    When it will come with 5G network in india??

  • Grzyban ^( says:

    Samsung S21 is already out, yet I think S10 is still a better phone, if not THE best Samsung phone ever created.