Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone – Top Gear – BBC

2008-11-08 01:55:20
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Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone – Top Gear – BBC

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Richard takes the Renault R25 Formula 1 car for a spin round the legendary Silverstone track. Can he steel his nerves to complete 2 laps without destroying the very expensive vehicle?

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formula 1

formula 1


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  • Vlad Alexandru ^( says:

    Have you had your teeth whitening?

  • troeteimarsch ^( says:

    pit crew radio: "he should shut it and focus on driving"

  • No Hype Jizz Reviews ^( says:

    Every eSports nerd that thinks they can actually drive

  • He crashed it didn't he?

  • Lankmonjo ^( says:

    They programmed a French car to play the British national antem…. That an alpha move

  • Julián Hidalgo ^( says:

    I am haunted by the prospect that Hammond is a person who has driven countless cars as a way of life.

  • Plummet ^( says:

    Back when F1 was actually a sport and not a load of crap

  • Thiago Villela ^( says:

    2021 and we´re still here.

  • Black Sabbath ^( says:

    Oh v10. The glorious v10. How did we go from this to 1.6liter vacuum cleaners

  • espro ^( says:

    Well that aged bad

  • MistakenDawg ^( says:

    I still remember when I came across a stupid youtube commenter who thought he could drive an F1 car.

  • Jigme Wangchuk ^( says:

    Why is it so tricky to start an F1 car from a standstill? I'm a clueless enthusiast and just want to understand…

  • Danny ^( says:

    5:07 ^(
    He looks like charles leclerc

  • This series was epic and independently set an era.

  • ThePredator ITA ^( says:

    6:39 ^(
    8:04 ^(
    8:26 ^(
    Even if Hammond is screaming or music is kicking in, you can clearly hear the F1, its still as loud as it should be
    I absolutely love that sound

  • PrivateMak ^( says:

    3:53 ^(

  • CycoWarriorx ^( says:

    When Top Gear was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Haita ^( says:

    Did they publish his lap time? I'm rather curious how he fares against the category's professionals… In all of those.

  • AstonMartinboy ^( says:


  • James Wilkes ^( says:

    Gp500 bike will RIP your face off.

  • 『Ogawa』 ^( says:

    “Oh my god I’m in a Formula 1 car”

  • All Torque ^( says:

    Good job they put him on off road tyres 🤔

  • Like watching Mazepin drive

  • Rachel Purity ^( says:

    His raw emotions and how he had to scream to just get them out made this amazing.

  • TundeTheEpic ^( says:

    The V8 engine is music to my ears.

  • Michael Taylor ^( says:

    RIP Williams

  • Michael Taylor ^( says:

    Ruined the tyres

  • Charles Gitonga ^( says:

    a bat on a superbike

  • HemistReborn ^( says:

    F1 represents the sheer power and technology that we have made. They push the envelope and defy all sense. The acceleration and observable speed is mind-blowing.

  • caffeinated.beverage ^( says:

    “Whats an engine rebuild on a formula 1 car”

    Thats not the question they wanted to hear

  • papapapa16 ^( says:

    It doesn't matter how much of a good driver you are, never underestimate any machine that you never tried before, learned that the hard way with a quad bike. Can't imagine a F1 car.

  • papapapa16 ^( says:

    It's like being overwhelmed at Super Saiyan, then the car goes even further.

  • Treety1791 ^( says:

    I love how engineers goes "lets do 1500hp per tonne… and oh, lets make sure it can play a song as well with the engine"

  • Mung Daal ^( says:

    The engine rpm base is so wide different injections of fuel sound like different notes. Favorite part of the video.

  • Peter Tran ^( says:

    The foolish modem subcellularly retire because ease intraperitonally stare worth a numberless creature. quack, petite scorpion

  • Babbot Finklestein ^( says:

    Was awesome to see Alonso shredding this in 2020

  • Purwanti Allan ^( says:

    I miss the iconic Renault R25 car from Fernando Alonso.

  • Callum C-J ^( says:

    Why let hammond, of all people, drive an f1 car

  • Matt Bolt ^( says:

    To think that the V10 was barely clearing it's throat when it sang the national anthem. And that's all the range today's V6 can manage…pathetic.

  • Matt Bolt ^( says:

    While this is dramatised for TV, nothing can hide his reaction to that glorious V10. That's what I love about this video. It does a great job to convey to the average joe the absolutely beautiful savagery that is an F1 car.

  • Joel Lucas ^( says:

    I feel like if he actually just stopped talking and was serious he would of done so much better haha

  • wolfgangnz3 ^( says:

    I was worried for the car.

  • How are you supposed to warm the brakes

  • Gabriel Petrelli ^( says:


  • Ivan Volf ^( says:

    Richard Hammond was probably the most happiest man on Earth that day. Driving a F1 car. He probably have or-CAR-gasm. So much fun he have

    And last but not least, it was honor to drive for F1 team for 1 day