January 29, 2023

Red Sparrow 2018 (Suspense Movie) Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu Theviraltime

Red Sparrow 2018 (Suspense Movie) Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by
20th Century Fox

Production companies
TSG Entertainment
Chernin Entertainment

Directed by
Francis Lawrence

Screenplay by
Justin Haythe

Based on Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews

Produced by
Peter Chernin
David Ready
Jenno Topping
Steven Zaillian

Jo Willems

Edited by
Alan Edward Bell

Music by
James Newton Howard

A young Russian intelligence officer is assigned to seduce a first-tour CIA agent who handles the CIA’s most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence. The two young officers collide in a charged atmosphere of trade-craft, deception, and inevitably forbidden passion that threatens not just their lives but the lives of others as well.

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