February 6, 2023

No Way Home 2021 Movie Explained In Hindi & Urdu / IMDB 8.3 Theviraltime

No Way Home 2021 Movie Explained In Hindi & Urdu / IMDB 8.3

Distributed by
Sony Pictures Releasing

Production companies
Columbia Pictures
Marvel Studios
Pascal Pictures

Directed by
Jon Watts

Written by
Chris McKenna
Erik Sommers

Based on
by Stan Lee
Steve Ditko

Produced by
Kevin Feige
Amy Pascal

Mauro Fiore

Edited by
Jeffrey Ford
Leigh Folsom Boyd

Music by
Michael Giacchino

After Quentin Beck frames Peter Parker for his murder and reveals Parker’s identity as Spider-Man,[N 1] Parker, his girlfriend Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson, best friend Ned Leeds, and aunt May are interrogated by the Department of Damage Control. Lawyer Matt Murdock gets Parker’s charges dropped, but the group grapples with negative publicity. After Parker, MJ, and Ned’s MIT applications are rejected, Parker goes to the New York Sanctum to ask Stephen Strange for help. Strange casts a spell that would make everyone forget Parker is Spider-Man, but it is corrupted when Parker repeatedly requests alterations to let his loved ones retain their memories. Strange contains the spell to stop it and makes Parker leave. Parker tries to convince an MIT administrator to reconsider MJ and Ned’s applications but is attacked by Otto Octavius. Octavius rips Parker’s nanotechnology from his Iron Spider suit, which bonds with his mechanical tentacles and allows Parker to disable them. As Norman Osborn arrives and attacks, Strange teleports Parker back to the Sanctum and locks Octavius in a cell next to Curt Connors. Strange explains that before he could contain the corrupted spell, it summoned people from other universes within the multiverse who know Spider-Man’s identity. He orders Parker, MJ, and Ned to find and capture them; they locate and retrieve Max Dillon and Flint Marko. The group lure Dillon, Marko, and Connors to the Statue of Liberty. Peter-One and Peter-Two cure Connors and Marko while Octavius arrives to help cure Dillon, and Ned frees Strange from the Mirror Dimension. The Goblin appears and unleashes the contained spell, which breaks apart the barriers between universes, pulling in countless others who know Parker’s identity. Strange attempts to hold them off while an enraged Peter-One tries to kill the Goblin, but Peter-Two stops him. Peter-Three helps Peter-One inject the Goblin with his cure, restoring Osborn’s sanity. Peter-One realizes that the only way to protect the multiverse is to erase himself from everyone’s memory and requests Strange to do so while promising MJ and Ned that he will find them again. The spell is cast and everyone returns to their respective universes—including Eddie Brock,[N 3] who unknowingly leaves behind a piece of the Venom symbiote. Two weeks later, Parker visits MJ and Ned to reintroduce himself, but he decides against it. While mourning at May’s grave, he has a conversation with Hogan and is inspired to carry on, making a new suit and resuming his vigilantism.

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