Never Have I Ever with One Direction

2015-11-18 14:00:00
#Direction #Theiraltime
Never Have I Ever with One Direction

Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall played a round of Ellen’s revealing game. How well do you know the guys of One Direction?

the ellen show

the ellen show


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  • Samir kharel ^( says:

    I'm happy that even after 5 years this comment section is still active.

  • Lucid Dreamer ^( says:

    Alternate title – exposing Harry Styles

  • lauriepier Devost ^( says:

    this is my religion i come back every week

  • geeko mismo ^( says:

    I think Louis british accent resembles Paul Mccartneys

  • Lau Ai Chin ^( says:

    2021 me crying while watching this
    I miss you one direction

  • nadi trifonova ^( says:

    okay, where can i buy harry's shirt?

  • amelibcl ^( says:

    Guys I think Niall and Ellen are twins

  • Francisca Duarte Gonçalves ^( says:

    "I think mine's broken" 😂

  • Maryam Labonya ^( says:

    harry is like I am gonna hang myself with something after I go back coz my allllllllll secreTS are coming out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ• ^( says:


  • Erika Santos ^( says:

    Ellen: Never Have I Ever someone write a song about me
    Harry: I have never

    "Style" left the group

  • NX gaming ^( says:

    Don't worry you are still biggest boyband in the world ♥️

  • ⟭⟬ʟᴀᴋsʜɪᴛᴀ7⟬⟭ ^( says:

    Yeah! Am I the only one missing Zayn so badly!? (个_个)

  • Ashley Kwok ^( says:

    I hope someday Ellen would play this again with One Direction and say "have i ever thought about One Direction reuniting soon"

  • billie mi mujer ^( says:


  • Filip Marinkovic ^( says:

    1st question:
    (lol how can i not think of my fav TS song)

  • Ameneh Hazz ^( says:

    Miss them 🙂

  • Am a Cat ^( says:

    Omg , I wish they back together again 😭❤😭❤😭

  • Gracie ^( says:

    Niall is a babyyyy

  • Tazeem Nisar ^( says:

    0:19 ^( I think Louis was lying tooo…..of course he was lying

  • Larry Stylinson ^( says:

    The shoes of Niall , Liam and Harry: 👞
    The shoes of Louis : 👟

  • Eltanin ^( says:

    Niall's laugh is so contagious. I can't-

  • Madison Hall ^( says:

    I miss my beautiful boys being together, I hope they reunite very soon. I really miss Harry's very long curly hair, who agrees

  • Channel Awesome ^( says:

    Literally nobody,
    Not even Leeroy….

    Harry: "I tHiNk MiNe'S bRoKeN."

  • Bob Mcnite ^( says:

    Harry going skinny dipping 😏

  • ella - rose ^( says:

    Wear black jeans but don’t tell niall

  • v a l e r i a ^( says:

    First question and everybody says never? Even Harry and Louis?

  • Janan Khatibi Dolatshahi ^( says:


  • Durva Bhosale ^( says:

    C'mon this is not your first time here 😂

  • Anne-Flore B ^( says:

    1:11 ^( soooo no one is gonna talk about Liam's answer??? And like how NOBODY notices

  • stab people with kindness ^( says:

    Payno your tattoo of yours is beautiful

  • Stars ^( says:

    Only i noticed Zain wasn't there?

  • Laurie de Roque ^( says:

    Harry and Louis had I have wrote a song about them

  • BEazee4272 ^( says:

    “ are you Niall from one direction? no I’m Nick from Backstreet Boys 😐” LOL

  • Southern Manchester ^( says:

    Zayn 🥺

  • Philomena Deva ^( says:

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  • Marion Hicks ^( says:

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  • Denyse Carroll ^( says:

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  • Anjali Shahi ^( says:

    I just wish zayn was there too🥺

  • Hope Arterbury ^( says:

    louis is so quiet

  • lablofi rutipba ^( says:

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  • charly ^( says:

    2:20 ^(
    wattpad larries: WRITE THAT DOWN

  • Malmi Mandahasini ^( says:

    Hello directioners….
    Some of the directioners (including me) have decided to focus on one project at a time. So it is a humble request to stream the song drag me down cause it's very near to 1Billion…
    I hope ya'll consider this comment….

  • Jaye Ankney ^( says:

    “What is this game” that was great