Nerf War: The Nerf Olympics

2016-08-19 19:00:01
#Nerf #War #Nerf #Olympics #Theiraltime
Nerf War: The Nerf Olympics

Nerf War: The Nerf Olympics by PDK Films
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๐ŸŒฏ About PDK Films
Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on YouTube with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on YouTube, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!

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  • PDK Films ^( says:

    โค๏ธ Thanks for watching!

    ๐Ÿ‘‘ Subscribe to King Kousky: ^(

  • Ian Cho ^( says:

    Brings tears to my eyes

  • Yldrey Gador ^( says:

    9:39 ^( he made an Kriss Vektor

  • Bodie Coyne ^( says:

    James has really good aim did you see how he did those cups there dead now totlally

  • Rimas Adventure ^( says:

    I like your veadios

  • sebifeliciano12 ^( says:

    its so long

  • Mitchell Marchbank ^( says:

    Is that The rapid fire SMG

  • Joe Goebel ^( says:

    Ha lazarbeam still has more subs than you!!!

  • Pj dolhancryk ^( says:

    I came to this vid so much as a kid and it just I thought it was cool because my names paul

  • SpiritualStudioss ^( says:

    Chris is lazy he just added a worker setup instead of a original setup made out of attachments.



  • Lucas life tv roblox playing ^( says:

    9:39 ^( how his name is chris and his gun looks like the kriss vector

    Get it cuz chris and kriss sound like the same thing?

  • Samuel Langton ^( says:

    Iโ€™m watching this in 2021

  • Sammstudios ^( says:

    7:53 ^( was brutal Shes just a kid

  • Willy Weasel ^( says:

    3:29 ^( wtf is she doing lol

  • Albert Sitompul ^( says:

    2:58 ^( lets just call Chrisโ€™s victory pose is The Math Completion.

  • Leslie Lovett ^( says:

    I hate that girl

  • BaboonSlayer ^( says:

    so cringe lmao u prob wear sketchers

  • Da Police ^( says:

    7:53 ^( my gosh sheโ€™s really dead

  • I am Mr.person who watches animations ^( says:

    H i s – c h a n c e s – o f – h i t t i n g – a r e – v e r y – h i g h

  • France Hernandez ^( says:

    So buitiful the anna๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Fortnite Noob, Later Master ^( says:

    Where do you get the mod kit in uk

  • Noah Friesenborg ^( says:

    your the best!

  • Shadow Game ^( says:

    Wait why does last place get a medal?


    how did she drives!?

  • Daniel Alvarez ^( says:

    Why did this interested me so much when I was younger, probably because I wanted the nerf guns…

  • Sandra Berrios ^( says:

    OVERKILL.MP3 has been enabled 7:52 ^(

  • Shadow Knight ^( says:

    I died with james on the melee challenge. all that anger from missing all his targets on the first 2 challenges. He one shots chris then beats down Eva with the nerf axe LOL XD

  • beautylovepassion ^( says:

    Red solo cup
    I shot you up
    Get friggin REKT
    Get friggin REKT
    Red solo cup
    I shot you up

  • Phantom_Mozambique ^( says:

    It's Chris's with a kriss!

  • Nerf Bros Alex Li ^( says:

    LoL so cursed