MacBook Pro 16 Unboxing – Time To Switch Back?

2019-11-19 17:00:14
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MacBook Pro 16 Unboxing – Time To Switch Back?

The new MacBook Pro 16-inch is here and Apple has addressed many customer concerns. The 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch features a new keyboard moving away from butterfly switches (MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air) back to a traditional scissor switch keyboard. This is my 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch unboxing.

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macbook review

macbook review


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  • Unbox Therapy ^( says:

    The Strongest Folding Smartphone – ^(

  • Anmol Bajaj ^( says:

    1:00 ^( Me everytime i open a new book…

  • IndyShepherd ^( says:

    9:54 ^( – Apple has basically said, 'Look … we've gone beyond it. We're passed it now… '

  • Bryan Barajas ^( says:

    How is it on video editing with 6k Black magic pro?

  • Dheerplays ^( says:

    i got it yesterday

    i am seeing this vid because i dint notice most of the updateds in my macbook pro

  • Dheerplays ^( says:

    i alredy have the macbook pro 16 inch

  • Hasan Imam ^( says:

    Macbook pro 138.000

  • عبدالله Abdullah ^( says:


  • zahraa thaer ^( says:

    i cant buy

  • Nguyen Thuy Tien ^( says:

    The unwritten badge conversly harass because amount indirectly announce as a hushed couch. phobic, learned stream

  • Akshay Sharma ^( says:

    Hey guys I'm planning to buy MacBook Pro 16, let me know if I should go for it in 2021 ? Will it have a good performance for the next 5 years i.e. 2026

  • Juan Diego Cueva Montes ^( says:

    Not worth it…

  • Sunrae 2k ^( says:

    Can i have it?

  • Gen Pri ^( says:

    the screen is 16 inches? looks smaller

  • mr iOSchecks ^( says:

    how 😭😭😭😭 I want

  • ODYSSEY NYC ^( says:

    I will forever love the clackity keyboard lmaooo idccccc

  • Fid TGS ^( says:

    Lewis: this is a clack…… this is a thud

    Willy: yes

  • Jon Blakk ^( says:

    nope. too many issue with apple service. Thanks for the unboxing

  • Fire Gaming ^( says:


  • Computer Analyst ^( says:

    Best laptop ever made by Apple with Intel i9 10th Generation Processor. Happiest to be the one using it.

  • Amir Hossein Goodarzi ^( says:

    No USB type A again, WTF am I paying for!

  • Julian Vidal ^( says:

    Just bought the MacBook Pro 16” and the camera is horrendous – you need to have covered how bad it is, like Apple can get sued for it that’s how bad it is – I don’t care how powerful the machine is – the camera is actually worse than 2012-2017 versions. Not good sign for Apple.

  • umesh c sharma ^( says:

    that keyboard comparison with the Pixelbook was epic :p

  • Youraspiringservant Post_Monk ^( says:

    lol Will

  • Abednego Yakubu ^( says:

    Contact dinytoolzz on Instagram he unlocked my iwatch within minutes he's a genus

  • Cheyne Ranginui ^( says:

    Can I buy the old one off you?