February 6, 2023

Lost Village Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu Theviraltime

Lost Village Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by
Buena Vista Pictures

Production companies
Touchstone Pictures
Blinding Edge Pictures
Scott Rudin Productions

Directed by
M. Night Shyamalan

Written by
M. Night Shyamalan

Produced by
Sam Mercer
Scott Rudin
M. Night Shyamalan

Roger Deakins

Edited by
Christopher Tellefsen

Music by
James Newton Howard

Residents of the small, isolated, 19th-century, Pennsylvania village of Covington live in fear of “Those We Don’t Speak Of,” nameless humanoid creatures living within the surrounding woods. The villagers have constructed a large barrier of oil lanterns and watchtowers that are constantly staffed. After the funeral of a child, the village Elders deny Lucius Hunt’s request for permission to pass through the woods to get medical supplies from the towns. Later, his mother Alice scolds him for wanting to visit the towns, which the villagers describe as wicked. The Elders also appear to have secrets, keeping physical mementos hidden in black boxes, supposedly reminders of the evil and tragedy in the towns they left behind. Ivy Elizabeth Walker, the blind daughter of Chief Elder Edward Walker, informs Lucius that she has strong feelings for him and he returns her affections. They arrange to be married, but Noah Percy, a young man with an apparent developmental disability, stabs Lucius with a knife, because he is in love with Ivy himself. Noah is locked in a room while a decision awaits regarding his fate. Edward goes against the wishes of the other Elders, agreeing to let Ivy pass through the forest and seek medicine for Lucius. Before she leaves, Edward explains that the creatures inhabiting the woods are actually members of their own community wearing costumes and have continued the legend of monsters in an effort to frighten and deter others from attempting to leave. Two young men are sent to accompany Ivy into the forest, but they abandon her almost immediately, fearful of the creatures. While traveling through the forest, one of the creatures attacks Ivy. She tricks it into falling into a deep hole to its death. The creature is actually Noah wearing one of the costumes, which he discovered under the floorboards of the room where he had been confined after stabbing Lucius. The park ranger retrieves the requested medicine from the ranger station and Ivy returns to the village, unaware of the truth of the situation. During her absence, the Elders secretly open their black boxes, each containing mementos from their lives in the outside world, including items related to their past traumas as crime victims. They gather around Lucius’s bed when they hear that Ivy has returned and that she killed one of the monsters. Edward points out to Noah’s grieving mother that his death will allow them to continue deceiving the rest of the villagers that there are creatures in the woods.

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