Live Score – Getting Started

2016-01-15 19:49:35
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Live Score – Getting Started

This tutorial covers the basic steps to prepare your game and scoreboard for your live stream.

If you want to read more about the Live Score score bug software go to ^(
football live score

football live score


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  • El mono fulvo ^( says:

    its free? just that, its free?

  • Dagrim ^( says:

    How come when i open the program i don't get a scoreboard come up? I just have a grey grid???

  • Romeo Nissen ^( says:

    Does it run on HDMI Output as well?

  • Rishad Rish ^( says:

    where's Cricket 😧😧

  • Unknown ^( says:

    have any template for cricket

  • Forza Racing Network ^( says:

    Is there a nascar scoreboard?

  • Quân Ngô ^( says:

    I want a live score for table tennis. Can you help me?

  • GREEN DINOSAUR ^( says:

    is live score safe?
    for windows 10?

  • WeWereYoungandCrazy ^( says:

    would be nice if you actually SHOWED these logos you are referring to, teams, sponsors, instead of just talking about them. how are they sized, positioned…

  • Scott Lockwood ^( says:

    Does It work with Xsplit?

  • Kya Lagta Hai ^( says:

    No cricket

  • JoshHW2 ^( says:

    somebody please help, how do i add a scoreboard? I open the app and there is nothing on the screen

  • Bryce ^( says:

    Would be awesome if there was a whole heap of tutorials.

  • LegendsNation ^( says:

    How do you change the game status to "Final" once the game ends?

  • INFINITE SKLZ ^( says:

    How do you do it when on ipad?

  • Brad Wright ^( says:

    do you have available for Mac?

  • Randomstuff ^( says:

    how do i download it?