How to Prepare for Fashion Design School

2019-04-21 15:00:03
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How to Prepare for Fashion Design School

I get a lot of questions like “Do I need to do X before fashion school?” “Do I need to study X in high school to be a fashion designer?” So I made a massive checklist of subjects in school to pay attention to, what classes to take if you don’t have fashion classes at your school, and what other things you can do to prepare outside of school.

Paper: Blick brand Mixed Media paper
Markers: Winsor & Newton, Copic
Colored Pencils: Caran d’Ache Fluo Pink, Prismacolor, and Faber Castell Polychromos
Paint: Winsor & Newton Designer’s Goauche squeezed into a Schminke palette
Paintbrush: Pentel waterbrush
Pencils: Faber Castell Jumbo 9000 in 2B and 6B, Pentel Mechanical pencil with B lead
Erasers: Pentel Clic and Tombow Mono
Watercolor Pencils: Derwent Inktense ^(
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fashion school paris

fashion school paris


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  • Krisi Radulova ^( says:

    What markers do you use to colour?

  • Venessa Onyegbule ^( says:

    After watching your video, i just figured out i wont be able to study fashion. I know nothing about geometry, have zero knowledge of using colours and i dont know how to draw. I almost can't do anything you have ^( only good at sewing or atleast i try… I cant attend a college cause im an international student and I'm likely not going to get a visa to study in a college and i cant afford the cost. I was hoping to apply for scholarship but that wont cover all the cost. Thank you for this video.

  • Yurei ! ^( says:

    I’m in High school in Norway. I love designing clothes and everything. I’ve looked at different fashion schools around the world and I really wanna go to FIT. The thing is my mental health has been very bad lately and fashion is the only thing that makes me happy and motivates me, so my grades are pretty bad. I’m not sure how to get further at this moment or if anything would help…

  • Tony Parks ^( says: ^(

  • Danielle Laberge ^( says:

    Zoe, I really like all your videos, and my favourite thing is to watch you draw! I absolutely LOVE it! You are sooooo talented! It is so inspiring! A video on how to draw clothes on silhouettes depending on the fabrics would be great! Thank you for sharing your work, you are awesome! ❤❤❤

  • Santa Fe Fashion Week™ ^( says:

    Great information!

  • Marie Anastacia ^( says:

    Yay math is my favorite subject so it’s perfect

  • PopGumDrawJam ^( says:

    I have to ask- do i have to sew/make clothing to be a fashion deaigner? My ideal job would be to draw out and design a sketch for the outfit, studying whats new and whats in rn, then I would send the sketch over to someone and they will turn it into a real outfit.

  • sushmitaa ravibabu ^( says:

    what was that used at last which was like parchement aper

  • Sky_ Golden Rose ^( says:

    in the netherlands we have 3 main schools, elementary(4-11/12, middle(11/12-15/16) and high(15/16-18/20) in high school here you choose a course to learn, i decided to pick junior stylist, so this video is really handy to learn more about fashion designing, so thanks for this video! it really helpfull!

  • me just me ^( says:

    hiii can you please reply if you see this , so im in high school (gr11) and i dont take art class i have business class and i cant change it does it work? like can i still go to fashion design school even if my drawing skill sucks!!?

  • Ram Sankar Pradhan ^( says:

    Ma'am are you a Chinese?

  • Stephanie Streicher ^( says:

    That is awesome

  • omar911 ^( says:

    Should i really should be perfect in coloring to be fashion designer

  • Midnight Wardrobe ^( says:

    Informative fashion cartoons: unveiling the Mysteries of the Wardrobe ^(

  • Just Cade ^( says:

    Your videos are such a blessing! Fashion is my true passion, and I've always wanted to go to school for it, but I've always hesitated because I live in the middle of nowhere. You've motivated me so much.

  • Fashionprenuer India ^( says:

    Hi !
    Really loved your Information …. I want to speak to you regarding a project if you allow . May I have your email address .

  • Sirens Fantasy ^( says:

    @Zoe Hong
    I'm super happy, Zoe. After leaving my term in Fashion in the UK, I've been asked to return as this dreadful Covid-19 virus is somewhat easing, so are certain colleges and uni. Your vids have been helping throughtout my jurney in Fashion school. You've probably get many commemts like this but… I wanted to say, thank you!💙
    Besides from my fashion teachers, YOU were MY first teacher in Fashion. Only through home studying 😅♨️

  • Manu Villacarillo ^( says:

    "patterning is basically geometry" my hs have sewing classes & we sew clothing(we make things from scratch & clone current fitting clothes) I can basically eyeball measurements at this point but I hate math.. I despise anything with calculations but pattern making doesn't feel like I'm calculating maybe because I don't use any "formulas" I can eyeball darts & curves almost easily but solving problems in math class, I could never.

    Man, doing something you love can make you "good" with things you hated..

  • Jamie Ang ^( says:

    Lol let me tell u one thing. Be glad u didn't have to take Chinese! Where u live I'm forced to take it and its hard

  • 山丽Sihara ^( says:

    I’m studying chinese and I want to apply for a fashion school but I dunno where to look 😭 pls help

  • Hi zoe, what school do you recommend for fashion students and best for scholarship for foreign students

  • Subscribe to show your support for this animal. ^( says:

    I'm 15, is this too late to start schetching because I have never even schetched before and can't even draw a croquis.

  • Aa Prim ^( says:

    Thanks so much Am Uganda 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬