How Mozzarella Is Made

2017-11-04 22:00:36
#Mozzarella #Theiraltime
How Mozzarella Is Made

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how to make cheese

how to make cheese


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  • MISERY ^( says:

    Let’s just Appreciate the fact that he wears no Gloves…

  • TiGgEr 140 ^( says:

    Wow dudes must really love their cheese- I totally respect that.

  • P. FP ^( says:

    Your father is good man. I would love to come by and buy 5 pounds of Mozzarella from your fathers shop

  • ̣ ^( says:

    It's like a tofu-cheese combination :O

  • fadhil fatih ^( says:

    the question is, how did they make the mozzarella curds??

  • Tham French ^( says:

    “To make mozzarella, you first need to buy mozzarella”
    𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼 𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀

  • Mike G ^( says:

    Carmelo Anthony was no ones idol lol

  • Mike G ^( says:

    Dude needs hairnets for his forearms

  • Pavel navratil ^( says:

    i want to eat mozzarella now

    i will buy it next day or today 😀

  • mikha putri ^( says:

    "its awesome

  • Bill Gates ^( says:

    The music is Chopin's pianoforte concerto.

  • Hadher Alqemzi ^( says:


  • mcglubski ^( says:

    Cheese is life

  • Southwest Snail ^( says:

    All jokes aside it’s so wholesome how the son idolizes his father. Like yeah, all the guy does is make mozzarella, but the passion and craftsmanship behind it are what impresses his son so much.

  • Deedat Bogabong ^( says:

    Pizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella

  • Cytopal2 ^( says:

    And I thought this was how to basic

  • Hana Anindita Irawan ^( says:

    me watching something sad: 🙁
    me watching something sad about food: cri

  • Preston Fernandes ^( says:

    This is why Mozzarella is my favourite cheese

  • Preston Fernandes ^( says:

    I wonder how they made Mozzarella in 2020 since they said they can't use gloves

  • A Arber ^( says:

    Ah so inspiring to see that the son inherited the father’s passion!

  • SktRat4life ^( says:

    Anybody else eating mozerella sticks watching this just because

  • Muhammadabbas Mohsin ^( says:

    Hey! I was just wondering how your hands are not burning as you said that if you wore gloves, the plastic would melt and would effect the mozarella cheese? Very interesting how your hands are very strong!

  • Audrey Blakeney ^( says:

    Anyone realize they had no gloves on…. so much for fresh🤭

  • CͨEͤOͦ Y. ^( says:

    Make sure you say wow

  • Fr0z3n ^( says:

    This made me like mozzarella more then cheddar

  • joree_ 248 ^( says:

    He sounds like mr. Bobinsky from coraline 😗

  • Minty Mango ^( says:

    Eating mozzarella sticks while watching this makes me want more mozzarella sticks.

  • Deeshan Chawla ^( says:

    I would have finished all the cheese

  • Jesusix Golgocisz ^( says:

    Fun fact: You did not seratched it up

  • Yitzhak Malul ^( says:

    Absolutely amazing.

  • Чинна Дiвчина ^( says:


  • Akshara Rajesh ^( says:

    slimey,yet satifiying