How Cheese Is Made

2018-10-13 15:00:10
#Cheese #Theiraltime
How Cheese Is Made

“The better the milk, the better the cheese. Everybody believes that.”

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: ^(

5 Spoke Creamery: ^(

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how to make cheese

how to make cheese


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  • King Shark Fox ^( says:

    0:00 ^( the Wallaces are watching cheese in theatres

  • johnnyhun1 ^( says:

    Borat would be like: "Is this cheese?"

  • Inah Baxter ^( says:

    I’m a chess lover 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

  • Belinda a ^( says:

    My back hurts just watching those ladies

  • Abhay Kumar Singh ^( says:

    She's so cute 😎

  • Srđan Lipić ^( says:


  • Abiyyu Panggalih ^( says:

    nice food

  • Mike Cox ^( says:

    I'm just crackers about cheese

  • radha acharya ^( says:

    Don't broke there heart don't say them bad bad comment they also have feel

  • rirhandzu mathebula ^( says:

    Co-worker A: (eating cheese after telling her CWs she is on diet to lose weight)
    Co-worker B: (to CW A) "You told us you are on diet, why are you eating cheese"
    CW A: "I am eating a low fat cheese. "
    CW B: " Cheese is cheese. "

    All other CWs: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂(laughing)

  • JediG Kermit ^( says:

    Is the narrator drunk?

  • Sebastian Lim ^( says:

    As an asian, i keep seeing tofu in the first video

  • Tray Gury ^( says:

    I don’t think this woman likes her job, she didn’t even talk about how she feels about cheese

  • Ilina Neneva ^( says:


  • Infrared ^( says:

    1:43 ^( Popcorn????

  • Johnny Wilson ^( says:

    Can't wait for the inevitable Huggbees version of this.

  • Ana Mariel Pascual ^( says:

    where making a white cheese made in fresh cow milk but i dont know how long this can be store in a fridge?

  • Atar Tori ^( says:


    Literally nobody

    The subtitle : i love chesee !1!11!!

  • Dustin bir Vlog ^( says:

    If I wasn't so focused in finding work in homeless shelters, I think making cheese would be my other choice. But I'll do a good home kit instead.

  • Water ^( says:

    ive watched this for the 35 time this year why.

  • Lou ^( says:

    What the hell is this processed junk?

  • KarlyKom ^( says:

    How high is this girl?

  • KarlyKom ^( says:

    Can I have what this girl is smoking?

  • Charles Whitaker ^( says:

    None of them are wearing sleeves that's gross

  • Daniel Brew ^( says:

    They should wear mask in case a nasty bugger fall in it.

  • Nazia Saghir ^( says:

    you fuckers are not telling how cheese is made

  • nikhil sutar ^( says:


  • Afshan Imran ^( says:

    Your voice is not clear

  • •Licoria• ^( says:

    Look cheese grommit

  • Benny Hu ^( says:

    hmm guys i think she likes cheese

  • Tevin Smallwood ^( says:

    She sounds like a desk clerk

  • 🌎 ^( says:

    Bet her husband hates cheese.. cause he has to sleep with her..

  • Nazia Saghir ^( says:

    My teacher has shared me this and said to me that i have to write a essay on it

  • Javeria Azkar ^( says:

    When my teacher sends me this video to write an essay that what have you learned.
    Me: She loves cheese. Her fridge is filled with cheese. Her sister hates that. But what my teacher told me to write is not here by far.. 😂

  • Wynn Hansen ^( says:

    The most satisfying job ever.

  • puirYorick ^( says:

    This was more about two people and cheese was the set dressing for their tales.

  • CheezLez ^( says:

    this is how i born

  • Claudia ^( says:

    we all searched this, didn't we