Hollywood | Megan Thee Stallion & 9 Other Artists Fans Would Love To See In The MCU #Showbiz
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Hollywood | Megan Thee Stallion & 9 Other Artists Fans Would Love To See In The MCU #Showbiz

The third episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, “The People vs. Emil Blonsky,” surprised fans worldwide with a completely unexpected cameo: Megan Thee Stallion. Contrary to many other celebrities, like Harry Styles, the famous rapper didn’t officially join the MCU; she played a small role acting as herself in court.

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Not all fans were happy about this, especially considering the post-credit scene where She-Hulk and her twerked in the office. Some felt the moment cringy; others thought it was as funny as other comedic scenes in the franchise. In the end, this cameo resulted from how successful the MCU has become. As Megan Thee Stallion, many other celebrities could join, whether for a cameo or an actual role in future films.

10 Megan Thee Stallion Was A Surprise For Everyone

“The People vs. Emil Blonsky” includes a subplot that follows Pug as he represents Dennis Bukowski, who has been scammed by a shape-shifting Light Elf pretending to be Megan Thee Stallion. Since the actual Megan Thee Stallion is at court, she becomes She-Hulk’s client. In the mid-credit scene of the episode, she can be seen twerking with the Jade Giantess.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law had already promised plenty of cameos, but fans never expected to see Megan The Stallion playing herself. This role has fans wondering which artist could be next.

9 Lady Gaga Is Already Working For DC

Earlier in July 2022, rumors about Lady Gaga joining the cast of the second installment of Joker surprised everyone. While this news felt like a hoax to many, a month later, Warner confirmed them. There’s no information about who the singer will be playing, but everyone is betting on one of the Joker’s ultimate sidekicks, Harley Quinn.

Now that Lady Gaga will join DC’s ranks, she may be contractually forced to refuse roles in the MCU. But if this weren’t the case, her fans would love to have her, even if it’s a one-episode cameo, like Megan did. If she were to have a more prominent role, Gaga’s extravagant looks would make for a great villain, like Gladiatrix or Man-Killer.

8 Ozzy Osbourne Could Play A Villain

Almost 15 years after Iron Man premiered around the world, fans are still wondering why Marvel Studios failed to give Ozzy Osbourne a cameo in one of the films of this trilogy. Granted, his song was not inspired by Tony Stark, but the films used Black Sabbath’s iconic track at least three times.

He may not be able to meet Iron Man anymore, but it isn’t too late to give him a role. Even though he’s mostly a musician, he has dabbled on TV too. His eccentric presence and creepy vibe make him a great candidate to play Arcade, a sadistic villain Marvel fans need to get ready for.

7 Lil Nas X Exists In The MCU Already

It only lasts a second, but Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings confirmed that Lil Nas X is canon in the MCU with a hilarious scene where Shang-Chi and Katy sing his version of “Old Town Road” in karaoke. This moment became so iconic even the rapper himself reacted to a Reddit theory about it.

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The fact that Lil Nas X exists in the MCU raises many questions, but there isn’t time to address them all. So instead, what matters is that Marvel Studios should take advantage of this and invite him to play himself. Or even better, make him a new, MCU original mutant.

6 Everyone Loves Dolly Parton

Easily one of the most iconic celebrities ever, Dolly Parton does it all. She’s a singer-songwriter, a philanthropist, a businesswoman, and, of course, an actress. Given her talent and her activism, fans love her, so she often does cameos in films and series, like in The Beverly Hillbillies or The Simpsons.

Indeed, the Queen of Country Music wouldn’t have a problem with a cameo on an MCU series or film. In fact, she would be perfect as another client for Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

5 Star-Lord Would Die If He Got To Met Kenny Loggins

American singer and songwriter Kenny Loggins has a long-standing career of almost 60 years, but his music is as current as ever. One of his biggest successes is “Footloose,” the 1985 song that earned him an Academy Award nomination and turned the homonym movie into a cult film.

As an 80’s kid, Peter Quill is very involved in this decade’s culture. In addition to being responsible for half of the best needle drops in the MCU, he thinks Footloose is the best film ever made, so having the opportunity to meet Kenny Loggins (or even Kevin Bacon) would blow his mind. This random cameo would fit perfectly with Guardians of the Galaxy’s often bizarre humor.

4 Fans Keep Fan Casting Selena Gomez

Marvel films have been a hit for almost two decades now. Throughout this time, actress and singer Selena Gomez has been fan cast an infinite amount of times, and there have been around half a dozen rumors about her finally joining the MCU: as Rogue, as América Chávez, and as Spider-Woman.

Unfortunately for the fans, none of this news has become true, but it’s about time Marvel Studios considers her. It doesn’t matter if she has a cameo or if she becomes the MCU’s next heroine; Selenators will be pleased to see her work with Marvel.

3 Fans Are Rallying To Have Keke Palmer As Rogue

Earlier in September, the internet went wild about the idea of singer and actress Keke Palmer joining the MCU as Rogue. Fans all over Twitter expressed excitement, and some even made fan art. It isn’t clear how the idea began, but everyone on social media seems on board, including the Nope‘s actress herself.

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The truth is, Palmer would make an excellent Rogue. Unfortunately, fans may be jumping the gun regarding Rogue’s future appearance in the MCU. Since Marvel Studios has barely introduced mutants, it may be a couple of years before the X-Men appear. Hopefully, this rumor will come to life by then.

2 Elton John Is Already An Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Elton John is already canon in Earth-616. And his isn’t a simple cameo. During International Iron Man ##6, by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Paul Mounts, and Clayton Cowles, it was revealed that the English singer had been working as a courier for S.H.I.E.L.D. for a while. His code name? The guy in the duck suit.

This small cameo basically went unnoticed by the fans, but the MCU should definitely bring it back. Elton John’s demeanor could also work for him to portray a mighty cosmic entity like Benicio del Toro and Jeff Goldblum did with the Collector and the Grandmaster. However, based on his filmography, he obviously prefers cameos. Hopefully, this one will become true soon.

1 People Would Lose It If Taylor Swift Joined The MCU

Back in 2019, when everyone was looking for clues about how Avengers: Endgame would be, American singer-songwriter was also in the middle of an Easter egg-fueled publicity campaign. Since her song “ME!” came out the same day as the film, one of her Instagram posts led the fans to believe she was “gonna defeat Thanos,” as she joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Obviously, this wasn’t the case, but swifties worldwide are still discussing the possibility of seeing Taylor in the MCU someday. The singer has the right amount of charisma to do a cameo, but she would make an excellent Dazzler too. Here’s hoping.

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