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Hollywood Emily in Paris Has an And Just Like That Crossover—Did You Catch It? Theviraltime


Hollywood Emily in Paris Has an And Just Like That Crossover—Did You Catch It? Theviraltime


Did you catch the Emily in Paris crossover in the latest episode of And Just Like That…? If you didn’t, allow us to point it out for you. Minor spoilers ahead.

Uninterested in painting a women’s shelter in Greenpoint (she’s gonna donate, don’t worry), Carrie’s fabulous realtor friend Seema (Sarita Choudhury) sits at a table down the block, enjoying a cigarette and some phone time. Earlier in the episode she mused that this year (it was just her birthday) might be the one when she finally meets her guy, and in true SATC style, a handsome, sophisticated guy appears out of thin air to grant her wish: Zed, who owns the club Seema’s sitting in front of.

Right away we know this character’s going to have an impact because we already learned Seema’s in the mood to go dancing at a club. But what’s equally interesting is the actor who plays Zed: William Abadie, a.k.a. Antoine Lambert on Emily in Paris.


Okay, so it’s not technically the same character. But consider the following data points: Lambert basically turned Gabriel’s restaurant into a nightclub in season 2 of Emily in Paris, and both shows were created by Darren Star. Obviously, Lambert is well cast as a charming nightlife impresario, so let’s just put two and two together here and say, yeah, Seema’s about to hook up with Emily’s coworker from Savoir!

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In case you’re wondering where else you’ve seen Lambert, he also played Blair’s dad’s husband Roman on Gossip Girl…and he was a Prada store employee named Tony on an episode of the original SATC. Yup, this is his second character in the series. Justin Theroux famously played two different men on the show as well. There are only so many camera-ready men in Manhattan, eventually you have to double up!

Can’t wait to see what kind of international shenanigans he and Seema get into next week.

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