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Hollywood Chloe Fineman Is the Ultimate Beauty Chameleon Theviraltime


Hollywood Chloe Fineman Is the Ultimate Beauty Chameleon Theviraltime


There’s a furry community rabbit hole I went down not that long ago that’s huge on TikTok. They make their own costumes. The building of the costumes I found really interesting. My favorite Instagram account is Turtle Creek Lane, who’s this woman in Dallas who goes crazy with decorating her house. I’ve gone down this weird world of Dallas women my age. It just freaks me out to be like, “Oh, this is what my life could be if I had two kids and married someone sweet and lived in Texas.” It’s a lot of “Instagram, Instagram, here’s my baby, here’s my dog,” and then they just sell stuff with these “click my outfits,” and it’s Ugg boots and Lululemon.

What is your favorite way to take a moment for yourself?

To watch the darkest, creepiest series on Netflix or HBO. Just to watch something that’s so traumatic. Any creepy show soothes the shit out of me. Archive 81 is out, Yellowjackets, The Vow, all that. It chemically does something to me.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

I haven’t sat down to write it out, but I’ll do it in February. Drinking more water is definitely on the list. I’ve been called out by multiple people who are like, “All I’ve seen you drink today are five cold brews and two diet Cokes.”

What’s your power perfume?

My favorite that makes me feel really great is Terre d’Hermes. It’s creepy because my dad wears it, which is weird, and now my boyfriend wears it. I think it smells really good on women.

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If you could change one thing about beauty perceptions on social media or Hollywood, what would it be?

I feel like Gen Z is so lucky because beauty is so accepted. Growing up, I used to get shit for wearing makeup. In middle school, people would be like, “You look way prettier without all that makeup.” But makeup is so fun, fuck off. Now it’s embraced. Just do you, boo. If you want to shave off your eyebrows, do it. Bleach and shave and do whatever or wear no makeup. Who cares?

I think the overfixation of wellness associated with beauty needs to take a beat. I’m also from Berkeley, California, which is a more hippie, natural place to grow up in. There’s definitely a lot of “What are you doing? Take it off, be as natural as possible.” Then when the wellness stuff got crazy, I rolled my eyes too. You’re like, “If I eat this, it’ll fix my skin.” The neurosis associated with the glowiest skin. A few chemicals are fine. I can’t do everything organic on my face. I need some chemicals.

Who are the women inspiring you the most right now?

Zendaya, huge. Reese Witherspoon is such a badass. I really like Alex Cooper, the Call Her Daddy girl. She is so unapologetically herself and nasty and hilarious. I think women who realize it’s okay to have women be your audience—and there’s a huge audience—are the people who really inspire me. Especially in comedy, where I feel so much of it’s skewed toward men, and people forget that some stuff can just really speak to ladies. I’ll be on the plane [listening to her podcast], and I’ll fall asleep and wake up to the most graphic stuff.

Ariana Yaptangco is the senior beauty editor at Glamour. You can follow her on Instagram @arianayap. 

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