Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.

2019-03-10 14:46:31
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Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.

After many years using MacBook variants I’ve made the switch to Windows. I’ve used every version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that have been released. My current laptop of choice is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon / Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.Turns out switching from Mac to Windows isn’t as painful as I expected.

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macbook review

macbook review


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  • Unbox Therapy ^( says:

    Are you using Mac or Windows?

  • Anthony ^( says:

    I’m watching this on an apple and I’m also eating apples currently

  • BROTHA Jeff ^( says:

    Funny I was a windows user for YEARS and I've always had issues with it… i switched over to a Macbook pro in 2016 and I've had ZERO issues with it!! Much better and stable than windows in my opinion.

  • Azfir the cool ^( says:

    I’m switching to the Mac

  • R C ^( says:

    My piece of advice to … everyone !!!

    Avoid the …

    "Bandwagon !!!"

    Thingy !!!!

    If its not suited … in …

    Your everyday work
    Then don't buy it !!!
    Just bec. Your neighbor, friend, or right next to you have it !!!

    Save your hardwork money esp. Were still in a pandemic !!!!

  • Frederick Hartray ^( says:

    If you like the look of Apple Huawei is even more Apple than Apple.

  • Frederick Hartray ^( says:

    I had keyboard issues, and when I brought the computer in for repair they found other issues that were not part of the recall. By the time the computer came back to the Apple Store I had gone back to Italy, and with COvid I don't know when i will see it again. I picked up a Huawei matebook which is great.

  • Germán Camilo Martínez Villate ^( says:

    Just install a REAL OS like Linux on in and there is no no no no going back…

  • arqam khan ^( says:

    after macbook M1 everybody's getting back

  • Mashood Syed ^( says:

    Yesterday i moved back to windows / thinkpad T14 after a rough experience with macbook pro (which I brought home with a lot of hope and love by the way) with day to day compatibility issues from zipping the files to working on presentations and with no mail recall option in outlook for mac and no visio desktop for mac and browsing files in Finder and limitation of copying and pasting an item to your email and so on and so forth
    I might be wrong since I had used windows for 20 yrs before switching to mac which I initially thought but when it came to day to day issues which challenged my work productivity, then I said well thats it!

  • mrmuffins4224 ^( says:

    Mmm 14,000 butthurt Mac fanboys.

  • Vi vi ^( says:



  • Yung Don ^( says:

    I absolutely love windows PC, I just hate their laptops. They always poop the bed for me after 2 years.
    I’m a big fan of apple laptops because it’s reliable and the eco system is pretty cool.

  • xAredx ^( says:

    I am so tired of Windows gonna change for Mac

  • Lickety Split ^( says:

    It took you 10 minutes to say you like the keyboard on lenovo better

  • Ali Hijazi ^( says:

    so I was curious to quite (maybe) the apple ecosystem (iphone, MacBook Air, Ipad,apple watch) what s a good replacement without being more expensive then what apple offer?

  • Mike Gomez ^( says:

    Just went from a Lenovo X1 Carbon to a MacBook Pro M1. The ThinkPad felt lighter; however, I noticed way too much flex in the body. The right side kept "popping" every time I place my hand on it – felt like the clips were loose. Battery wouldn't charge after 2 weeks. Did some research and apparently both were an issue with a lot of people. While the M1 don't have the specs compared to X1, native programs work extremely well.

  • Mufaddal Hussain Gari ^( says:

    windows is thug untill any update arrives

  • GG SAY ^( says:

    And 2 years later he still uses mac

  • Aria Laidler ^( says:

    All the dislikes are from Apple users.

  • ꧁Hõłÿ _Wátęr꧂ღ ^( says:

    ”An Apple a day keeps the broke people away”
    Apple…… my MacBook looks fine I think-

  • Adnan Shabbir ^( says:

    Apple phone are best but in laptop thinkpad is my favorite

  • M K ^( says:

    Bro , you are almost crying when telling everyone how you don’t miss Mac 🖥

  • Pa Her ^( says:

    I’m trying to switch to a Mac but I can’t because apple doesn’t have a right click!!!

  • Ip ^( says:

    my apple mac pro works fine but the delete key is wearing out

  • Arminius of Germania ^( says:

    Took you long enough.

  • deven yarbrough ^( says:

    For over 2k of course it should be better than the MacBook

  • David Graham ^( says:

    Mac sucks

  • Maor Parizat ^( says:

    mac fan are disappointed her faulty laptop worth shit

  • Yasmin Dandunna ^( says:

    Goodbye Apple, officially done with you. I remember when Windows Office 97 lasted longer and had better endurance. I miss the old Nokias. sigh

  • promahoi pellas ^( says:


  • Hector sanchez ^( says:

    Window is internally fragile I experience it!! I’ll go with a Mac!

  • Bima Sudiarto ^( says:

    I'd rather have that Thinkpad X1 Carbon be installed with Linux Mint. That is a great piece of hardware and so fuckin wasted to be used on a piece of shit OS like windows 10, IMO.

  • Jamar Pittman ^( says:

    I always like Windows more than Apple that’s why I’m bout to get a Dell😊👍🏾

  • sketchy_rifle0 gd ^( says:

    windows 10 home

  • Katie Swick ^( says:

    So whats the next step?

  • Katie Swick ^( says:

    I'm not learning a lot?

  • Katie Swick ^( says:

    ok get to the point

  • Alex George ^( says:

    Help! Anyone here using a Macbook Pro? Any success with the Excel functions using a Mac? I am a finance student studying for the CFA and I feel like I am the only one using an Apple product for Excel and having issues with finding all the correct Excel functions/short-cuts. I am seriously considering purchasing a PC for all of my excel needs; but, I love my Macbook Pro. Please share your thoughts.

  • Abhishek Panda ^( says:

    funny seeing this video after m1 macs