Garlic Naans Recipe on Tawa – Eggless Naan Recipe Without Oven and Tandoor

2015-01-14 13:17:34
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Garlic Naans Recipe on Tawa – Eggless Naan Recipe Without Oven and Tandoor

Garlic Naans, Indian flat bread – naans topped with garlic and coriander. These naans are usually served in all restaurants, the flat bread which is baked in a coal lighted clay oven named tandoor. As we don’t have tandoors at home, In this video recipe, I will show how to make Garlic Naans at home using tawa and without eggs, oven and tandoor.

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  • Mona Dhowtall ^( says:

    Made this today and it was perfect, my family loved it! Thank you so much!

  • Mahima Mahi ^( says:

    Is it maida flour

  • Sameer ^( says:


  • Ash G ^( says:

    As soon I saw the yeast I knew this was a recipe I could consider on my list. You need yeast, not baking powder.

  • D P Singh ^( says:

    Naan 2015and naan of 2021cooking shooking……

  • gyandeep raje ^( says:

    Bro just one thing indian hai na toh Hindi me Ku nii banata video…..just in case koi anpad aadmi ko banana ho wo kya karega screen chatega mobile kiπŸ™‚

  • Khushali Bhavsar ^( says:

    Not just an amazing chef, you're a wonderful teacher too. Ek baar video dkhte hi recipe fit ho jati hai 😊

  • NAwAL ShaYkH ^( says:

    Damn!! he says 1/2 tbsp yeast and written recipe calls for 1/2 tsp.
    This sucks.
    No wonder my dough just wouldn't rise 😭

  • phanwang namati ^( says:

    Stop saying " am to " again and again it's irritating.

  • x Wing Karanji ^( says:

    What flour did you use ?

  • SB Khan ^( says:


  • Sapna Ck ^( says:

    Can we use baking powder instead of yeast

  • Maimuna Shaikh ^( says:

    Is portion me minimum kitne naan bnte h?

  • Anistah Napavol ^( says:

    Hello I made this naan but when I flip the tawa around the naan fall down on the flame, it didn't stick on the tawa. How & Why?

  • Gayathri Nagarajan ^( says:

    Came out awesome.Thank you chef

  • Wonder Kitchen ^( says:

    Aww! you are so cute my dear!

  • atia wasima ^( says:

    Love it πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  • Dr Sucharitha ^( says:

    Please maintain your health ..,.it seems u have breathing difficulty..u r really super chefπŸ‘….. please do tc of urself….

  • Vighnesh Shetty ^( says:

    I love your channel cooking shooking

  • Abhilasha Da Dhaba ^( says:

    Awesome recipe, please try this fingerlicious Panner Kali mirch recipe which goes well with garlic naan… ^(

  • AnTione ^( says:

    Tandoori chicken w/rice & garlic naan

  • Tahiti Chowdhury ^( says:

    I just love the way how he explained 😍😍.

  • Pink roze ^( says:

    Very yummy

  • Sidra Mashkoor ^( says:

    Excellent cooking shooking….

    Watch my channel for yummy recipes too and do subscribe because its free 😁

  • A.R. Shavana ^( says:

    Hi bro! The text recipe says to add 1/2 teaspoon yeast but in the video you’re telling to add 1/2 tablespoon yeast.. which is correct

  • Friend 4 Learning ^( says:

    Which flour do u use?

  • Shikha Upadhyay ^( says:

    U look so cute omgπŸ˜‚β€

  • Monica Lestari ^( says:

    Can u make cheese nan ??

  • Jinti's World ^( says:

    U r looking Soo cute 😍😍 recipes always mast

  • M V ^( says:

    You are such a sweetheart. Always smiling. Bless you to stay happy and cheerful always 😊

  • mangesh joshi ^( says:


  • Eevee ^( says:

    You are so adorable! Great recipe!

  • Expats in Sydney ^( says:

    Naan turned out perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Pooja Raikwar ^( says:

    Weat flour ya maida

  • TheLeon-Art ^( says:

    Pls make a video on cheese garlic naan

  • vayu tanuj lakkapragada ^( says:

    Wow he is so young

  • sid ^( says:

    These instructions are not clear. Not mentioning the quantities

  • Life Of SAM ^( says:

    Hey guys, Garlic Naans are just life! Due to my gluten intolerance, I tried to make Gluten-Free Garlic Naan and it turned out sooooo well! If you're also gluten intolerant and would like to check the video out, here's the link: ^(

  • Sameera Sahadeo ^( says:

    Hello ji , I love your recipes. I am from Trinidad but my husband is from India, he cooks the indian dishes but now with the help of your videos I am a able to cook some of his favourite dishes and he is very much impressed by my cooking. Thank you for your wonderful recipes. Mujhe bahut pasand hai

  • Anuradha Arya ^( says:

    superb recipe….loved it….

  • Fatima Mendes ^( says:

    Thanks chef nice

  • Saima Imran ^( says:

    How many naans does this recipe make ?

  • Jasu Pandya ^( says:

    Thanks for the recepe

  • jyoti khati ^( says: ^(

  • Deepa Lakshmi16 ^( says:

    His way of talking seems so cute.I tried so many recipes….
    And always send the link to my bro cos he loves food more than anything 😝😝