January 29, 2023

GADGETS VS CRAFTS FOR PETS 🐶 Rich VS Poor Dog and Cat Owners Theviraltime

GADGETS VS CRAFTS FOR PETS 🐶 Rich VS Poor Dog and Cat Owners

There are a lot of amazing gadgets not only for people but for our furry friends too. So we tested some pet gadgets and compared them with crafts and hacks. What do you think are better tools from the shop or DIY stuff?

00:00 Who is our next top dog model?
00:11 Don’t be afraid of the rain / Dog boots
00:51 Everywhere together with your pup / Pet carrier
01:34 No need to touch a poo / Pooper scooper
02:32 Pet brush
03:25 For smart dogs / Treat puzzle
04:22 Will keep your dog busy / Licking mat
05:09 For the perfect smile / Pet toothbrush
05:46 Fast and furious / Interactive cat toy
06:42 Escape fails / Puppy bumper
07:14 Like a princess / Pet house
08:10 Play and learn / Interactive dog toy
09:04 Don’t even need to go outside / Dog toilet
09:54 Can catch it? / Cat laser toy
10:45 Pet selfies tool

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This activity is performed by actors in a controlled and safe environment, and has been made for entertainment purposes. Please use caution if you plan to replicate. No animals were harmed during filming.

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