Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks [LYRICS]

2011-07-11 15:46:13
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Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks [LYRICS]

From their Debutalbum: ‘Torches’!

! It’s still just a GREAT SONG, enjoy it guys and it’s definitely no problem to hear the song without heeding the lyrics!

It’s a catchy melody, but here you can see what the song is actually about. The lyrics were written to “bring awareness” to the issue of gun violence amongst youth, which he feels is an epidemic perpetuated by “lack of family, lack of love, and isolation”. (Mark Foster)

“Pumped Up Kicks’ is about a kid that basically is losing his mind and is plotting revenge. He’s an outcast. I feel like the youth in our culture are becoming more and more isolated. It’s kind of an epidemic. Instead of writing about victims and some tragedy, I wanted to get into the killer’s mind, like Truman Capote did in In Cold Blood. I love to write about characters. That’s my style. I really like to get into the minds of the characters.(Mark Foster)

Pumped Up Kicks = Really cool stuff like brand new shoes or expensive clothes etc.

Enjoy and have fun thinking about it!



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  • David the Goat 69 ^( says:

    1:03 ^(

  • anxyte animation ^( says:

    "The Quiet kid has a nerf gun in his bag"

  • Dr. Lrux ^( says:

    Everyone gangsta til this starts playing over the schools PA system.

  • Sgt Skittles ^( says:

    It’s all fun and games till you hear I put this over the speakers

  • JJRainbowss ^( says:

    I always thought it said β€œYou better run, better run, faster than my oven”

  • r0nk ^( says:

    Me before hearing the lyrics to this song: πŸ˜€ So fun!
    Me after hearing the kids: I better run, better run.

  • Logan1_23z ^( says:

    Teacher what come before 47 the quiet kid in the back Ak

  • Karenxe ^( says:

    The melody: πŸŒˆπŸ˜šπŸ¦„πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘ΌπŸ’–

    The lyrics: πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜‘πŸ€¬πŸ‘ΏπŸ’€πŸ”₯

  • Diamond Love ^( says:

    Who is here after earing this song was about a school shooting my childhood is ruined

  • wilma coolpoulos ^( says:

    uh i love this song

  • Samantha Golding ^( says:

    After all this time I never bothered listening to the lyrics of this song. Watched a Shotgun Boy video with this song where he dreams of pulled out a shotgun and killing all the bullies in his class. Only then did I actually listen to the lyrics and it kinda scared the crap out of me πŸ˜…

  • FaZe_Drizzy ^( says:

    This is literally about killing kids and that's why I love it

  • Ava Espinosa ^( says:

    How old were you when you realized that this song was about a school shooting!!!!

  • Emma Higgins ^( says:

    When you just realize this song is about a school shooting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±

  • Jewish Doctor ^( says:

    its kinda dark when you learn about the lyrics

  • JhadeSagrav ^( says:

    My brain: * plays this song *

    Me: ^_^ "hmm hmmm bettah run betta run.. hmmmm"



  • Zachary Owens ^( says:

    β€œShoot I forgot my pen”
    Quiet kid: β€œbet”

  • kailen blaekberry ^( says:

    I remember when I was in middle school, this song played at a dance… .-.

  • John316 ^( says:

    For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life

  • Alfonso Arriaga Rios ^( says:

    orphans:dada queston mark

  • Alfonso Arriaga Rios ^( says:

    song:pumpped up kicks lyrics: creator :foster LAPD:it was a orphan

  • TheBloxy Doritos ^( says:

    Im gonna be like my beother in school

  • SouthlandBoysUSA ^( says:

    Does anyone notice how one of them looks like cris from MR beast

  • Daisy Paws ^( says:

    These comments seem insensitive

  • Kiwi The second!!! ^( says:

    I’m the quiet kid in my class and whenever the weird kid talks this song pops in my head and I like this song plus it’s my uncle’s favourite song and he was a quiet kid when he was younger…..

  • EnerGyAnt ^( says:

    Me:got bullied in school
    Me 20years later: Better run, better run, faster then my bullet!

  • Yessi perez ^( says:

    Sbdxi cna

  • NoobTeamMember123 ^( says:

    I like this part 1:04 ^(

  • Pooh With Timbs ^( says:

    8 year old me (who didn't understand the lyrics) : πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

    My Parents: πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ

  • PERSONA ` ^( says: