Come To Uni With Me! FASHION STUDENT, Drawing Class, Some Life Advice | Vlog 002 | C NICOLE

2017-12-10 14:00:01
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Come To Uni With Me! FASHION STUDENT, Drawing Class, Some Life Advice | Vlog 002 | C NICOLE

Hi Guys! Today you will come to my fashion school in London with me! I am going to show you a bit of my drawing/color theory class and also share a piece of advice for moving to another country. This is what an average day at uni looks like, without all the textile and design things that we do in fashion school as well.

Let me know what you think of this style of vlog and if you want to see more then leave your feedback in the comments and please subscribe 🙂

Insta – @c.nicole
Depop – @cnicole_

Where I’m originally from: Florida, USA
Where I’m currently located: London, England
What am I doing there: Studying Fashion Textiles/Design
Camera I use: iPhone 8+
Editing Software: iMovie
fashion school paris

fashion school paris


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  • Busi Skinn'e Mjiyakho ^( says:

    You're really pleasant to listen to! I think I could watch you do 30 minute vlogs. #NewSubbieAlert ^(

  • sam Bakir ^( says:

    First video in your channel and will subscribe 👍

  • DBC CREATIONS ^( says:

    So inspiring. Do they have scholarships?

  • Noah Gipson ^( says:

    Please take us to class more!!!

  • Johalis Colon ^( says:

    This was soooo nice to watch thanks so much i love your positivity

  • Rim lgl ^( says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this girl ❤️

  • Rida ^( says:

    I'm new to your channel…and I actually your vids..
    I just wanted to know which university u were studying..idk if you have mentioned it already….but i really hope you rply
    its my dream to be a fashion designer…but just doesnt know what to do after 12th

  • Kimi M ^( says:

    I’m so nervous to start fashion school alone this year and this really helped me feel better about it! Thank you!

  • Hazell Vasquez ^( says:

    I always hear British people talk about Uni whether they are studying to be doctors or artists bro what is this school exactly for ?

  • Ninu Tana ^( says:

    Woooow…!! The advice just amazing…..I was very scared to do things alone and just got nervous easily…. but ur advice was mind blowing…thanks alot … Now I'm ready to do things alone as u did…no more defend ….

  • Ayumi Fullante ^( says:

    Looks fuuuun wahhhh I wanna learn abroaaaad

  • Elissa Tham ^( says:

    loved u!!! you're so sweet and the way you speak to uss aaahhh it's so connecting!

  • hailjydra ^( says:

    what does it promise after you graduate?

  • Ayolistenup ^( says:

    What alevels did you take?

  • Sewuese Emberga ^( says:

    Please can you take fashion classes online?

  • salman khan ^( says:

    You are so beautiful stylish talented ❤️

  • Deborah Choute ^( says:

    Wait what school is this 🥺

  • Isabelle Thomas ^( says:

    How I wish I studied fashion design in University. I'm already 40 years old don't know where to start

  • Rupanjana Sahoo ^( says:

    hey may I know in which university do you study

  • Dakota Kl ^( says:

    ik this video is old but I want you to know you are so sweet and I hope you are very successful and inspiring 💗

  • Iduna Black ^( says:

    You should try sketching the rough shape first and then draw in more rough details and the going more into detail. Basically start rough and get more detailed

  • John Read ^( says:

    I like your style !!!! Good luck.

  • Santi Alvarado ^( says:

    Love this

  • Khushi3012 ^( says:

    Can you tell me what books should we read before entering the fashion university??
    Thanks for reading🙃.

  • Cindy Martinez ^( says:

    This was so much help. Thanks a lot and u really inspired me to continue my dream. I am only 13 and want to be a fashion designer but my mom doesn’t support me and it really hurts and uhm. Yea but I live in a small town and I don’t really think theirs business opportunity here but I don’t want to move elsewhere. What do you think could u help with tips??

  • Thunder Beast ^( says:

    Hi, I am your new subscribers, you are really inspiring. Btw what is the name of the university

  • one and only ^( says:

    I am designer from India want to work in same field….Pls suggest/ help

  • armygotjams07 ^( says:

    you talking about doing stuff alone and not with others was a reality check-up for me…
    i didn't even buy my books last week coz i was waiting for dad to agree to come with me and buy them….im too shy DAMN IT I NEED TO GET OUT OF MY BUBBLE😔

  • Alison Dayana ^( says:

    My dream job ✨👏🏻

  • amanpreet dhesi ^( says:

    How do you afford london xx

  • sara de roli c-ute ^( says:

    I don't wanna see 💔…I want study fashion too

  • Nya’Lia Lindsey ^( says:

    Quick ? When i look up uni fashion school nothing other fashion schools come up do what is the origanal name meaning like for fot fashion institute tech so whats the original name for uni

  • Moon ^( says:

    Is it fashion school or university?

  • Miracle Okafor ^( says:

    Please do you need to know how to draw to be in a fashion school.

  • Isabell Everet ^( says:

    U r inspiring I really want to be in the fashion Industry and this kinda shows like what it’s kinda like and stuff

  • youn.g Akeem ^( says:

    I really love this video because it's just help me in my business so Mary Wells something that I don't know before I just been a bit late in this video thank you

  • Uncluttered Space ^( says:

    From Florida too! Looking to study my MA in London or another school in England. Loved the vlog!

  • Patrick Victor ^( says:

    This video is inspiring and full of life!

  • Kei 06 ^( says:

    I wish I could pursue fashion design as well =( but my parents doesn't support me into this kind of career