January 31, 2023

Catch up this ketchup😅 *DIY Halloween Decorations Hacks and Gadgets* Theviraltime

Catch up this ketchup😅 *DIY Halloween Decorations Hacks and Gadgets*

It’s almost time for our most favourite spooky festival 🎃! Are you throwing a party to invite your friends? Here are some of the coolest DIY halloween decorations that you can make with things you might have at home! From creepy ornaments to tasty treats 🍬, and don’t forget to let your dog enjoy the season too 🐶!

Timestamps :
0:09 Human centipede replica / Baby doll
1:18 Jelly spaghetti / Straws
2:01 Fill it out with water for more fun / Elastic monster
2:36 Fly it and scare your friends / Ghost drone
3:16 Make head-in-the-bottle replica / Photo
3:49 Let your dog join the fun / Dog costume
4:36 Stylish and spooky / Vampire fangs
5:08 Hand gummies / Latex gloves
5:46 Lollipop mould / Silicone rubber
6:23 Some surgery for teddy bear / Teddy bear
6:55 Plastic mannequin / Food wrap
7:42 DIY bird cage / Paper bin
8:35 Spooky candles / Plastic skull
9:07 Spiders ornaments / Bulb
9:48 Fancy fringe for the lamp / Hula skirt

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