Canada Police Ne Aaj Pehla Challan Thama Diya..

2021-04-11 13:30:04
#Canada #Police #Aaj #Pehla #Challan #Thama #Diya #Theiraltime
Canada Police Ne Aaj Pehla Challan Thama Diya..

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canada vlog

canada vlog


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  • Aadil Williamson ^( says:

    Is the limit 50 MPH or 50 KM

  • Payal Kunwar ^( says:

    Nice 🔥 👌

  • Kunal G ^( says:

    Koi na Sheraa, life is all about ups and downs, live with a smile and your hard work is paying off and will pay off more. Good Luck brother.

  • Aakash Deep ^( says:

    Bhai aapki video mein mata ji ko dekh k khushi aa jati hain.

  • Nipul Ali Ahmed ^( says:

    Best wishes for the upcoming motorhome trip.
    Eagerly waiting once again

  • Prashant A ^( says:

    Ideally, if you could choose, you shd have chosen Astra Zeneca, because that is available in India and you would have had the flexibility of getting the 2nd dose administered in India too .

  • Ammy Batra ^( says:

    Aap problem k peechhe Problem aapke peechhe😁

  • Ishtiaq Ahmad Khokhar ^( says:

    In Pakistan 🇵🇰 apna I’d card do ,
    challan pay kar k aio or I’d card la jao
    If u challenge them ur challn was double

  • Jyan Ahlawat ^( says:

    Koi na super chat Rakhlo yha Chalan td family k name

  • Zindagi jhandwa isliye TD ko na he ghamandwa😂

  • Bhupender Manchanda ^( says:


  • Mandeep Maan ^( says:

    Hey I think you should talk to a lawyer they can help a lot and they don’t charge too much maybe around 250 -300 and they can help a lot trust me sometimes you just have to pay the fine and you won’t get any points or it all depends on your luck

  • Mandeep Maan ^( says:

    Thank you god Aunty Ji ko Pfizer vaccine laga because I heard bad reviews for AstraZeneca god bless your family 🙏🏻 WAHEGURU JI

  • utkarsh pathak ^( says:

    spelling mistake "mummy spelt"

  • Pintu Kumar ^( says:

    App ji jaisa bhi blog banao hamko to sab very good lagta hai

  • Enjoy Life ^( says:

    dude you need to chill.. like really chill.. you do everything at once… we will wait, just settle your things first…lots of love💟

  • Mohammad Ammar ^( says:

    Awesome traveling series coming

  • Oye Goldie Vlogs ^( says:

    Nothing to worry about at all. NO BIG DEAL, Can be saved easily

  • mukesh more ^( says:

    Good luck friend 👍

  • Vinayak Dengri ^( says:

    TD ka bank 🏦 TD 😅👌👌
    “Ek no.. line paaji “

  • Chandraveer kurria ^( says:

    Good luck for your trip. May best of the things come to you.

  • yo games619 ^( says:

    Bro u need to look at speed o meter Andas sai kya hoga seriously bro look at speed o meter its right in front of you…

  • The modern world walk ^( says:

    Your all videos is good 👍

  • Shubhang Vayeda ^( says:

    hire lawyer and get demerit points to 0,even tough it cost 200 ..

  • Muhammad Adeel Anjum ^( says:


  • vivek tanwar ^( says:


  • Your vlogs are getting monotonous n your fan base is losing traction.

  • Dhaval Soni ^( says:

    In Gujarat no age group restrictions to have a vaccine.

  • Desai Ramesh ^( says:

    India me ghare ja ja ke vaccine laga rahe hai fir bhi log mana kar rahe hai

  • Asheesh Kumar ^( says:

    TD and his typos "After Mummy spelt"

  • Prathamesh Chakor ^( says:

    Sandra is imported version of anushka sharma..

  • JATIN YADAV ^( says:

    You wrote"spelt"😂😂

  • Danny Chapman ^( says:

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  • ANSH TYAGI ^( says:

    You will get many subscriber by this trip
    All the best

  • sujeet singh ^( says:

    You should rename your channel name to Tragedy Desi

  • Aftab Alam 2 ^( says:

    123$ Canadian Dollor
    7'340 INR😉

  • Shlok Parikh ^( says:

    Police station is like that of GTA vice City…

  • yash mishra ^( says:

    Today's vlog is very nice